A Clean-Beauty Expert Told Me to Order These 16 Products From Amazon

Clean beauty products.



These days, we're more aware than ever of the ingredients we're putting on our skin. The clean-beauty movement had a lot to do with that, in my case. Awareness is half the battle, and beauty brands pointing out what isn't in their products has been a big wake-up call to me to start checking labels. While my beauty routine admittedly isn't entirely clean, I'm on a frequent quest to add more nontoxic beauty products to my rotation, but I need help.

As you know, there are more clean-beauty products to choose from than ever these days. While that's great, more options means a greater margin of error, so I reached out to Manon von Csiky-Sessoms for a little guidance. She's the founder of The Clean Beauty Code, where she gives reviews on new products and finds clean dupes for popular items. (She also has a YouTube channel where she really goes into detail.) 

Amazon happens to be a treasure trove of clean-beauty products from both mainstream brands and excellent under-the-radar ones. Manon gave me all the intel on her 16 favorite clean-beauty products to buy from the mega-retailer, and you're going to want them all after you hear what she has to say. Keep scrolling to start filling your cart with her expert recommendations.

Manon Von Csiky-Sessoms



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"This detox oil is life-changing, and I literally cannot live without it. It is amazing for healing breakouts and irritated skin. It is great for not just acne but also irritation from too much sunscreen or a bad reaction to a product! It is a must-have."

"Exfoliating is so important, and this is a great product for that. This product is worn overnight and helps with hyperpigmentation and fine lines. This serum is a must for anyone in their late 20s and beyond."

"I do not know what magic is in these, but they are incredible! These take off all your makeup in seconds and only use water. They even take off glitter, which is the mark of an amazing makeup remover."

"This face mask is amazing! It helps not only with breakouts and blackheads but also fine lines, which is incredible. It also is the easiest clay mask to remove, which I love because I hate scrubbing my skin to take off a clay mask."

"I love a foundation that makes skin look like skin and can give you coverage if you want it but also can be very light in coverage. This Ilia foundation is just that! It can give you medium coverage but also can be lightweight. Your skin will look flawless, and you will get compliments when you're wearing it."

"Anyone that knows me knows I am lip balm obsessed. This tinted lip balm is so good and has the most luxurious-feeling texture! It reminds me so much of the Dior Lip Glow ($34) in texture and also the fact that it has a tint, even though the tints are a bit different. This product is a must-have, and all the shades are amazing."

"If you are looking for a great alternative to the Nars Laguna Bronzer ($38) or the Benefit Hoola Bronzer ($17), this is a great option. I love how this one blends out and lasts all day on the skin. This bronzer is also very pigmented but is not so pigmented you look crazy after you apply it."

"Trust me when I say these patches are life-changing and you need them in your life! They help so much with active breakouts and are very sheer, so if you wear them out of the house, people won’t be able to tell. I am truly obsessed with these, and they seriously work so well."

"This palette is such a great all-rounder palette. You can make the simplest day look or amp it up and have a great night-out look! The shadows blend out so well and last really long on the lid."

"One of my first clean-beauty items was deodorant, and I love exploring new ones every chance I get. This one by Native is so great, and I specifically love the Eucalyptus & Mint scent. It saw me through sweaty nights out without fail, and I didn’t smell once!"

"This is an amazing cream blush, and the color Flush is a great universal color! It blends out so gorgeously and lasts long for a cream product. The best way I like to use all cream blushes is to add a little powder underneath it, which I know sounds crazy, but I swear it works and makes it last so much longer!"

"This ointment is game-changing, and everyone needs to try it, especially in winter. It is the most hydrating lip balm and can be used all over the body. It is just one of those products that once you own it, you do not know how you lived without it for so long."

"I love this powder because it is so finely milled and performs well. It also has a slight yellow tint, so if you have a darker complexion, it won’t give you ghost face!"

"I have tried so many clean-beauty mascaras, and this one is one of the best. It performs so well and lasts all day long. It also can go from a day lash to a night-out lash easily! If you are new to clean-beauty mascaras, I highly recommend this one."

"I am a huge fan of moisturizers, but some can be too heavy or don't play well with makeup. This one is incredible. It is so hydrating but is also lightweight without feeling super thin when it is applied. It also plays well with makeup, which is so important."

"As a huge lipstick fan, I have tried most lipsticks out there in the marketplace, conventional and clean. This one is one of the best! The texture is unreal, and it is super pigmented but also is lightweight and not at all drying. My favorite color is Damsel, but all the colors are gorgeous."