I Raided Paris Hilton's Beauty Drawers for a Month—Hello, Glowing Skin

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Some people bring home a significant other for the holidays. I brought home a robust lineup of gadgets, serums, and moisturizers loved by the glowing and ever-radiant Paris Hilton. As you can imagine, my family found this… interesting. And to be honest, so did I! When it comes to skincare, I'm all over the place. Because of my job, I am always testing tons of products and want to make the most of them all, so every night holds a different lineup. When embarking on this challenge, I was looking for a way to streamline my process and follow someone special's routine. And who better than the queen of both the 2000s and today, Paris Hilton?

She is currently living her best life as a newlywed, world-traveling DJ, and at-home chef and also looks just as youthful and glowing as she did on The Simple Life, which I can't believe started filming almost 20 years ago. The OG reality TV star takes her skincare seriously, and with years in the entertainment industry under her belt, I trust her judgment and therefore followed her skincare routine for 30 beautiful days. After finding a video of her routine, I did my research and got to work. Since many of the products she used were from her custom line and have since been discontinued, I worked with my favorite beauty editors to source products with a similar ingredient list. I can't wait to share the results with you. Expect to find everything from professional-level lasers to the latest and greatest from Amazon in this celebrity skincare routine below.

The before:



So, here is where it all began. You're seeing me just after a long flight, ready to embark on this journey. Typically, when coming back from a trip, my skin isn't in tip-top shape, and my recent travels to L.A. took more of a toll on me than usual. Long story short, I was still my fabulous self both inside and out, but I was quite ready to take on a new skincare routine. My biggest goal included tackling the faint dark spots that haunted my forehead, some minimal acne, a bit of dullness, and under-eye circles from fatigue. Let's see how this goes.

The first, and most important, step in an evening skincare routine is the big cleanse. Hilton is a great friend of the skincare god Dr. Barbara Sturm, so prepare to see her products popping up in this routine. First up, this foam cleanser replaces all foam cleansers.

This product was built to get the job done. I felt quite refreshed after using it.

Will I Buy It Again? I think foam cleansers are really meant for people with oilier skin than mine, so I'd pass on a reorder, but I've already recommended it to a few friends.

Lasers are the part of Hilton's routine that she most confidently swears by. She has not one but two laser devices she claims to use on a nightly basis. The latest trend of romanticizing your life came true for me every night when I donned this face mask. I felt like I was getting all of the benefits of going to the pros right at home. 

I noticed a great reduction in my dark spots and also felt so fancy wearing it. The pricing is quite steep, but if you think about the amount of use you'd get out of it (and the spa visits you can skip), I think it's worth it.

Would I Buy It Again? Yes, no matter how ridiculous my family thought I looked wearing it during the holidays.

Hilton also prioritizes under-eyes in her skincare routine. She takes a lot of care to massage, as we'll see later on, and use powerful ingredients to get that instant lift. It's clearly working since she looks the same age as me, and psst: We're nearly 20 years apart.

Eye creams are great, but I'm all about actives. That's why I loved how quickly this eye cream brightened me up, and I noticed quite the difference when I woke up the next day.

Would I Buy It Again? It's already back in my cart.

Yet another fascinating pro tool that brings the spa to your house. Hilton's pro tip for this one is to use it for a bit of a lymphatic drainage massage by guiding the tool down the side of your face toward your neck, which instantly decreases puffiness.

Physical touch is one of my love languages, and skincare is one of the best ways to experience it. Giving myself a little massage every night really elevated my evening routine.

Would I Buy It Again? If under-eye circles are a focus area for you, then this is a must. If you're on a budget, though, stick to the eye serum above, and try hand massages instead.

We've officially entered the best part of this routine: the serums. Hilton's youthful glow can be attributed to many parts of her lifestyle, but leaning on these powerful serums has definitely accentuated her natural beauty. 

I feel like my pores disappeared after this test-drive period, and I just might owe it all to these anti-pollution drops. It's always best to play defense, and that's what this serum does.

Would I Buy It Again? Over and over.

The serum is almost as iconic as the queen herself. The countless rave reviews it has are astonishing. While I couldn't find out the exact serum Paris was using, I know for a fact she would most likely find her way to this scientifically crafted product.

I was most excited to see if this could help transform the scarring I was facing. Keep reading, and you'll see that it did in fact do the job. 

Would I Buy It Again? Take my money!

How does she do it all? I have no idea. It seems like Hilton can juggle so many tasks and responsibilities all while maintaining perfect skin and a smile. This product is both calming and hydrating, which means it's the perfect way for her to end a busy day. 

Okay, my favorite thing about this is watching the green liquid run down my face when I apply it. I always wanted to get slimed Nickelodeon-style when I was a kid, so my dreams kind of came true with this buy.

Would I Buy It Again? This is more powerful than my usual hyaluronic serum, so I'll be incorporating it regularly from now on.

Another from one of Hilton's favorite skincare brands, Dr. Barbara Sturm, and I'm adding it to my list of favorites from the brand. Hydration is key when you're always catching flights, so Hilton knew what she was doing when she added this to her collection.

The face cream is right in the middle of heavy and light, making it perfect for my skin type. One of Paris's pro tips is to always also apply the product to her décolletage to maximize results.

Would I Buy It Again? Yes indeed.

Hilton likes to end her skincare routine on a fun note, and a lip patch like this can do the trick. You'll have a few peaceful (and speechless) moments to reflect on your day while getting the extra hydration you need.

This is the exact order Paris makes on Amazon when she's ready for a deeply hydrated moment. Coconut is always a good idea.

Would I Buy It Again? I think a scrub or powerful lip balm would do so much better, but it's fun every once in a while during a spa night.


And finally, the last step of the routine is a gentle spritz of rose water. Hilton likes to carry one around throughout the day to stay hydrated, so I brought mine to my desk with me during the workday. I'm truly a fan.

Hilton calls her rose water spray unicorn mist, and I expect you to speak just as highly of your favorite skincare ingredients.

Would I Buy It Again? I need a travel size, so I'm adding that to my shopping list.

The results:



The results are in, and I am truly impressed. My skin is glowing brighter than the sun, and I spent the month slowly saying goodbye to my dark spots. I have also always been insecure about under-eye circles but am finding them barely noticeable these days. The first result that I really noticed though was how my pesky pores were invisible. Haven't seen them since I began this routine! I will be sticking to it for the most part. I missed certain skincare products that I look forward to bringing back, but seeing direct results like this really has me sold. To really see a transformation from a brand-new skincare routine can take a couple of months, so I will keep going with it and am excited to see where this journey continues to take me.

A few of my favorite skincare products that I missed during the trial period:

Reunited with my favorite cleanser, and it feels so good.

Ah, it's back in stock! Just reordered. This is my preference instead of Hilton's lip mask. Much more effective!

I have dry skin, but I also get acne, so I love a hydrating and clarifying oil. 

The hefty ingredient list makes this as good as three serums combined into one.