The Byredo Scents That Are Worth the Money, Ranked by Me


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At this point, I've at least smelled almost every Byredo fragrance there is. It's easy to see why the Stockholm-based brand is so popular. In addition to the incredibly chic and minimalist packaging, the unisex scents are unique while still being undoubtedly wearable and intriguing. Trust me—everyone will ask you what scent you're wearing when you spray on Byredo, and anything you buy from the brand is worthy of the price tag, but I'm here to help you narrow it down to the best perfumes it has. (There are so many good ones to choose from.)

For my fragrance-buying mission and your fragrance-buying missions (I'm here to serve), I asked Byredo to send me samples of its best-selling scents, and they kindly obliged. Over the past few weeks, I've been switching up my scent daily because variety is the spice of life, and I wanted to give you my honest reviews of the 11 most popular Byredo perfumes.

There are plenty of fragrance reviews out there, but I find them quite technical, speaking to all of the different layered notes in a scent. My reviews are more about how they'll make you feel when wearing them, the best occasions and seasons to wear them, how versatile they are, etc. Keep scrolling if you're intrigued, and head to the bottom for what I think is the best Byredo fragrance.

#11: Oud Immortel


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Oud Immortel is a beautiful scent, and I was excited to get to try it, but for me, it was just a bit masculine. It was created around a certain type of dark wood that's used in traditional incense, so it's as smoky and complex as you'd imagine. While it may not be right for me, I'd buy a bottle for my husband in a second.

#10: Mojave Ghost


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Mojave Ghost is one of Byredo's buzziest scents, so I was eager to try it. I see why this one is so popular—it's a lovely option for the evening but isn't sweet or overly floral. It's soft, and the floral aspect is soft and more woodsy, with a hint of sandalwood and amber. The only reason I don't think I'd adopt it as my signature scent is that it develops a bit of a powdery note on me as the day wears on, but some people may embrace that.

#9: Bibliothèque


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Byredo's Bibliothèque candles have an intense cult following (I'm a member of that cult), so it was wise of the brand to create a perfume. I honestly couldn't describe this scent to you if I tried. It's unique. There is a rich patchouli note that is overarching, so if you like expensive-smelling patchouli, you'll love this. Again, this one was a wee bit too masculine for me (but my love for the candle lives on), and I'd 100% buy it for my husband and require that he wear it every day.

#8: Flowerhead


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Flowerhead is definitely the most floral scent in the bunch and would make the perfect daytime scent in spring and summer. As is the norm for Byredo, it's a very complex floral that feels exotic and fresh. It certainly has signature scent potential but not really year-round.

#7: Slow Dance


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Slow Dance is one of Byredo's newer fragrances. I'd seen it all over several cool girls' Instagrams, so I had to try it. Like Bibliothèque, this one is also a bit tricky to describe. It definitely feels like a rich, cold-weather fragrance to me, and patchouli and vanilla are the base notes, but they're the most sophisticated versions of patchouli and vanilla you can imagine. If you like your scent to be warm and slightly sweet, this one's for you.

#6: Rose Noir


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The first of the two rose fragrances (more to come on the other soon), Rose Noir is a bit earthier. Byredo describes it as "dirty," and I'd have to agree. It has some depth to it but is undeniably a rose lover's dream.

#5: Velvet Haze


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I apparently live on the edge because I bought Velvet Haze without even smelling it a few months ago. (The brand had me with the "coconut water" description.) Luckily, I loved it. I prefer it for the evening, as it's a bit musky, but it's also a great anytime scent during fall and winter. When I first sprayed it on, I was struck by the smell of patchouli, but it softens beautifully. Highly recommend.

#4: Bal d'Afrique 


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Bal d'Afrique is another one of the brand's cult favorites that I was so intrigued by. You just feel cool and in the know when wearing it. If I'm putting it simply, the incense is a notable layer, but very expensive and rare incense that you can only get in Africa.

#3: Mixed Emotions


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I just had the pleasure of trying Byredo's newest fragrance, Mixed Emotions, and I had a hunch it was going to be good, but it exceeded my already high expectations. The name and even the brand's description didn't completely prepare me for the first sniff. It reads, "Comforting notes of maté and the sharp sweetness of cassis sit within a wooden framework; the reassuring scent of black tea disturbed by violet leaf synthetics." After the initial spritz, I definitely picked up on the blackcurrant, which I'm always partial to, and tea, which balances out the floral note of the violet. As it dries down, a subtle woodsiness develops, which lingers throughout the day. Mixed Emotions is a scent that works beautifully day or night, year-round. 

#2: Rose of No Man's Land


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I'm always on the hunt for a cool rose fragrance, and I really struck gold with this popular Byredo scent. It's subtle and fresh but with a hint of richness (thanks to the white amber base note). This is one of those rare scents that I'd be happy to wear every day, year-round. I'm probably going to have to add it to my collection.

#1: Gypsy Water


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We've come to the end, and my number one paycheck-worthy pick is Gypsy Water. Sorry, no surprise here! It's the brand's best-selling, most well-known, and most Instagrammed (I checked) scent, and for good reason. It's the one I reached for the most these past few weeks because wearing it makes me happy. It smells of sandalwood and vanilla, lemon and campfire, and so many other things you would never believe could smell so intoxicatingly good together. It smells so beautiful that I don't even care that it's not particularly under the radar. I want to wear it constantly so I can smell my wrist whenever I need a pick me up.

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