Trust Me—This Small Parisian Brand Is Going to Be the Next Big Thing

Most of us won't have touched a handbag since lockdown began, instead sticking to a bag for life for our groceries and pockets for our credit cards. But now that we see signs of things slowly reopening and can see friends in the park and go to restaurants, many are in need of a chuck-it-all-in practical handbag. If you want something a little jazzier than a basket bag, then I've just found an under-the-radar French brand that creates the most beautiful striped tote bags.

Rue de Verneuil was founded in 2014, however, it's a new name to British shoppers as has just been stocked by MatchesFashion. The 1950s-inspired tote bags have a Riviera feel to them, as they have a thin elegant pinstripe, a tan leather strap and come in the colours you typically see lining the French coastline (primarily red, baby blue and a soft yellow). 


(Image credit: Lucy Williams)

The handbags are made by hand in the Parisian studio and are an investment for a shopping bag costing between £100 and £200. However, it's a handbag we really would use for every occasion in summer and is timeless enough to come out every holiday for the next ten years. Keep scrolling for the Rue de Verneuil bags we really love. 

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Emma Spedding