25 Ruby Engagement Rings for Stylish and Unique Brides

stunning ruby engagement rings



There are so many engagement rings on the market, so if you prefer to go a more nontraditional route with the jewelry on your ring finger, you'll certainly find a unique style that suits you—there's just a bit of searching required. While the price tag of a more classic diamond may be part of the reason to opt for a different stone—say a pretty moonstone or a vibrant emerald—its uniqueness will certainly draw you in and convince you to test out a different trend. And currently, we've been all about deep ruby engagement rings—and once you see them for yourself, you will be too.

Ruby is the birthstone for July and symbolizes love, passion, and energy—pretty perfect for an engagement ring, wouldn't you agree? Plus, throughout centuries, royalty has always gravitated toward the deep red gem—it's a stone fit for a queen, and frankly, who doesn't want that? So if you've been looking for a special engagement ring but weren't sure which direction to go, may we suggest a ruby cut? Then read on to shop the 25 most breathtaking ruby engagement rings for stylish and unique brides.

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