9 Breathtaking Moonstone Engagement Rings

As editors, we cover a decent amount of engagement ring trends, and the overarching theme we've picked up on recently is nontraditional choices. This can range from anything like choosing a different stone cut to forgoing a diamond altogether. Which is why we think it's about time an underrated stone got its day in the spotlight: the moonstone. A bohemian favorite adored by a lot of jewelry designers (especially in L.A.), the beautiful iridescent stone is gaining popularity in bridal jewelry across the board, and after one look at the following rings, it's hard not to see why brides-to-be are opting for the romantic stone.

While the vibe of a moonstone is certainly different from that of a classic diamond solitaire, for instance, the jewel is no less special, and perhaps even more so. If you're at all like us, it might remind you of the mood rings we were so charmed by in our childhoods—only in a much chicer, more grown-up embodiment. The way the light catches a moonstone's many changing colors is just one reason to fall in love with it. It's often said that moonstones illicit new beginnings, in any capacity of one's life. They say that moonstones heighten our intuition and positive energy, making them especially potent at bringing out our empathetic and compassionate sides. When chosen in an engagement ring, it will bring new energy in and around this new chapter in your life.

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Would you wear a moonstone ring? Let these nine stunning picks inspire you to consider an alternative engagement ring stone.

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