Rosalía's "Cherry Cola" Lip Combo Involves This Iconic Lip Tint

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As a beauty editor, I love seeing celebrities experiment with different makeup looks and aesthetics rather than commit to just one. It's for that reason that I consistently check in on Rosalía's Instagram and TikTok. One minute, the singer-songwriter is wearing blue eyeliner with a slicked-back braid. The very next, she's wearing glossy lipstick with wet-look waves. She seems to take an experimental approach to beauty, and I, for one, love it. 

With all that said, there's still a certain element of her beauty routine that she keeps coming back to, and that's her signature red-brown, glossy lip. To me, it's the perfect example of the "cherry cola" trend, in which a nude or brown liner is paired with a cherry-red lip color and topped with gloss. Lucky for me, Rosalía recently shared a tutorial on TikTok, so now I know the exact products she uses to create her take on the trend. Keep scrolling to see them all. 

The first product she uses is this budget-friendly lip liner in Cold Brew, which is a true brown shade. After lining her lips and filling in the corners, she reaches for a fluffy brush to blend it out. This step is key as it results in a soft, diffused look. 

The next step is to lightly apply this rosy-brown lipstick. The word "lightly" is key. Rosalía simply dabs it across her lips for light, even color coverage. 

Then it's time for the iconic lip tint. Benefit Cosmetics' Benetint to be exact. It was originally created in the '70s and has been a go-to for editors and makeup artists ever since. Rosalía applies it to just the center of her lips before blotting them together for a subtle wash of red. 

The fourth and final step is a wash of lip gloss (or oil, in this case). After doing some research, it looks like she's using the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Oil in the shade, Pomegranate. Thanks to a formula rich in vitamin E and coconut oil, it's as moisturizing as it is glossy. 

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