Rihanna Wore the Sneakers That Every Fashion Person Wants to Get Their Hands On

Rihanna Wore the Sneakers That Every Fashion Person Wants to Get Their Hands On



Every season, a sneaker comes along that blows all of its competitors out of the water, and right now, it's the Sambas from London-based designer Grace Wales Bonner's collaboration with Adidas. Here's the catch: Unless you snatched up a pair on or near the drop date, it's likely that you're now struggling to get a pair of the collab's coveted sneakers. I understand. I'm in the same boat. But you know who's not? Rihanna, who was spotted on a 4 a.m. stroll through Central Park with A$AP Rocky wearing arguably the most-wanted style of all. 

For their late-night wander (their second in recent history), the duo matched in baggy, low-rise jeans and sunglasses, with Rihanna adding a blue, distressed button-down shirt and gold Briony Raymond jewelry and A$AP donning a long-sleeve, tie-dye T-shirt underneath a black vest. But as a fan of Adidas's popular sneaker collab, I immediately zeroed in on the Fenty designer's shoe choice: green-and-cream Sambas by Wales Bonner and Adidas.

Though sold out practically everywhere on the retail market, the coveted sneakers have quite the presence on resale sites like StockX, thus making the impossible feat of snagging a pair wholly possible. Shop Rihanna's pick and more Wales Bonner x Adidas sneakers below. 

Rihanna Wore the Sneakers That Every Fashion Person Wants to Get Their Hands On



On Rihanna: Wales Bonner x Adidas Samba Sneakers ($227); Briony Raymond jewelry

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This colorway is taking over my Instagram feed. 

I've had my eye on these ever since they launched, but today just might have to be the day that I press purchase.

Clearly from the price, these are a real get. 

Bella Hadid has this pair, so of course, they're in-demand. 

Though there's a lot of talk about the collab's Samba sneakers, this style is extremely good as well. 

This is one of the few pairs you can still buy on the retail market, though that won't be true for long. 

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Just like Rihanna's Adidas sneakers, New Balance's 550s are almost impossible to buy not for resale. 

Obsessed doesn't even begin to describe my relationship with these Loewe sneakers. 

Honestly, all retro New Balances are garnering attention at the moment. 

In recent months, Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski, and Mary-Kate Olsen have all been spotted in Vans. If that's not a sign to get a pair, I don't know what is. 

People don't talk enough about Margiela's sneakers. 

Another buzzy Adidas collab? This wildly chic one with Gucci. 

I'm predicting that Onitsuka Tiger will be the next It sneaker brand. 

I recently debuted a pair of these and got so many compliments straight out the gate. 

I bet you're wishing you didn't throw away your old pair of Superstars right about now. 

If you already own a white pair, get black high-tops next. 

The comfiest sneakers you'll ever put on. 

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