The Bag Rihanna Is Obviously Obsessed With

We all have that can't-live-without piece in our wardrobes, the one we wear with everything, no matter the occasion. As it turns out, Rihanna is no different. Though she has access to any luxury item she desires and a fashion collection she could put on rotation and never once repeat, Rihanna still has that tried-and-true go-to she's rarely seen without.

The piece that's basically attached to Rihanna's hand 24/7? The Louis Vuitton x Frank Gehry Twisted Box Bag. A part of the brand's Monogram Iconoclasts Bag Collection, the novel number was designed by L.A. architect Frank Gehry, the man also responsible for the impressive Fondation Louis Vuitton just outside of Paris proper. Rihanna's been carrying the bag since its release in 2014, and her frequency of wear hasn't slowed down. Its architectural sensibilities—namely its illusion-inducing shape—and classic appeal make it just as eye-catching as the first time she ever carried it.

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