Rihanna Is Wearing Her Skirt All Wrong—Please Don't Correct Her

“When yo skirt too short,” you might hand it down to a friend or wear it layered with another piece. But in Rihanna’s case “when yo skirt too short,” as she captioned her Instagram post yesterday, you wear the dang thing anyway. As a shirt—what else?

Rihanna has been a bit of a one-woman marketing wonder over the past couple weeks, previewing pieces in her soon-to-be-released Savage x Fenty collection on herself before the rest of the world gets a chance to wear them. And yesterday that meant that the singer-turned-designer fashioned a “too short” denim skirt over a lacy Savage x Fenty camisole.

Consider it a Canadian tuxedo gone very wrong, but frankly, we’re not going to be the ones to correct Rihanna. In this case, she’s basically Regina George (without the mean-girl mentality) and we’re all just a bunch of fans rummaging through our old clothes for a denim skirt to wrap around our torsos.

How to style a skirt as a top



Mark your calendars: Savage x Fenty drops this Friday, May 11.

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