29 Coveted Fashion Items That Were Popular Enough to Warrant a Restock

If you get a twinge of excitement whenever a "back in stock" email or Instagram post pops up, I'm right there with you. When something was popular enough to sell out the first time (or multiple times) around and remains popular enough for the brand to go back to the manufacturers to make more, I'm 100% convinced of its legitimacy as a highly coveted fashion item. And I'm oftentimes more inclined to purchase the item in question as a result.

As a shopping-obsessed fashion editor does, I've been keeping tabs on some recently restocked items that I think are worth it. Every one of these gems is popular for a reason—whether it's because Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid wore it, it's comfortable, or it's all over Instagram. So shop with confidence because you'll be glad you snagged your favorite(s), as restocked items have been known to sell out time and time again.

Why it restocked: It's the perfect white T-shirt in every way, and it's constantly selling out on Leset's site.

Why it restocked: Agolde wisely combined two of its most popular styles, and the distressing on these is perfect.

Why it restocked: These look triple the price, and they're extremely comfortable.

Why it restocked: They're the perfect size and they look far more expensive than they are.

Why it restocked: The Bridgerton vibes are strong.

Why it restocked: The many pretty details and breathable fabric make it the perfect summer top.

Why it restocked: They've been basically every fashion person's go-to sneakers for the past couple of years.

Why it restocked: They're so special, and checkerboard print is a trend that won't quit.

Why it restocked: It's cute, comfortable, and has built-in shorts. People want it in every color.

Why it restocked: Khaite basically started a knit bra movement, but there's no match for the original.

Why it restocked: It's the most popular It bag in recent history. It's perfect and timeless.

Why it restocked: The reviews for this jumpsuit have always been stellar.

Why it restocked: Everyone loves sweatshorts and Alo.

Why it restocked: Simply put, it's a thousand sweaters in one.

Why it restocked: It's cute, pink, and won't break the bank.

Additional sizes available here.

Why it restocked: Even throughout the pandemic, every Amina Muaddi style consistently flies out of stock as soon as it comes back.

Why it restocked: It's not every day you come across a swimsuit that's this chic.

Why it restocked: Cool, intentionally oversize button-downs are a rare find, and everything from Entireworld usually sells out.

Why it restocked: Retro sneakers are cool, and these are especially chic and affordable.

Why it restocked: This dress looks good on everyone and suits a number of occasions.

Why it restocked: There are countless different ways to wear this under-$100 top.

Why it restocked: It's an affordable, high-quality basic that comes in tons of sizes and chic colors.

Why it restocked: Wellies as non-rain shoes because a surprise hit last season, and these were the first to go.

Why it restocked: You won't find a chicer, more timeless baseball cap.

Why it restocked: People love Skims, and the reviews for these are plentiful and great.

Why it restocked: Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and tons of influencers love these hard-to-find Y2K rings, so now everyone wants them.

Why it restocked: Many popular influencers have posted these on Instagram since they first launched.