What to Buy From Reformation If You Want a Fire Spring Wardrobe


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Welcome to The Great Try-On. We're gearing up for spring, and that includes freshening up our wardrobes with some new pieces. We got to try on some of the best spring pieces from some of your favorite brands and documented it all from our at-home dressing rooms so that you can see how they actually look IRL. We hope that our photos and candid reviews will help you shop for spring wardrobe builders and trend-forward pieces that you'll wear over and over this season and beyond.

As someone who was pregnant for all last spring and half of summer, you cannot imagine how lacking my wardrobe is in the warm-weather department. Especially given how quickly trends, silhouettes, and hemlines fall in and out of favor these days, the things I bought two years ago now feel borderline irrelevant, and I'm more than ready to invest in new pieces for the coming months. That's why I was beyond excited when I learned I'd been given carte blanche to order and try on anything I wanted from Reformationall in the name of journalism. After all, the brand is synonymous with trend-forward dressing but also manages to make some of the best basics and investment items in the game, so I knew I could cover all my bases.

So what did I try? If you know me, you won't be surprised to see that I stuck to a neutral color palette consisting of black, white, cream, denim, and olive green. However, I did go out of my comfort zone on a couple of items, including a pair of baggy parachute pants and an ultra-romantic linen dress. Not surprisingly, I fell in love with everything, so to see, read about, and shop all my Ref picks for spring, simply keep scrolling.


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Reformation Val 90s Mid-Rise Straight Jeans


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My Review: Lately, I've been struggling with jeans because I feel like everything is either too baggy or too not, but these felt like the happy medium I've been looking for. I also love that they're mid-rise and that the hem is just a raw edge because it means that I can just do a little cutting job at home myself rather than paying to tailor them.

Shop the Val 90s Mid-Rise Straight Jeans:


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Reformation Lindy Knit Top


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My Review: I've been thinking about this little top for so long, and this felt like my chance to really see if it was better than the average basic. Spoiler alert: It absolutely was. I think it really elevated anything I tried it on with much more than a T-shirt or ribbed tank would, and the ruching on the side made it particularly flattering. If you buy one thing from this story, it should probably be this. 

Shop the Lindy Knit Top:


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Reformation Christopher Linen Jacket


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My Review: I tend to love a light jacket, but I really loved this light jacket. It's the kind of thing I would throw on over every outfit (day or night) for spring and summer, and I think the color combined with the linen is just perfect. Ten out of ten.

Shop the Christopher Linen Jacket:


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Reformation Miles Linen Dress


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My Review: This dress isn't a style I'd usually wear, but the black ribbon detailing really sucked me in, and I had to try it. I'm so glad I did because I now know I have a warm-weather party outfit should something come up. I also tried it on with lower heels and loved the look—although I would consider hemming it for more casual use. Keep in mind that your girl is only 5'2". 

Shop the Miles Linen Dress:


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Reformation Emberly Pant


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My Review: I normally wouldn't venture to try on such baggy pants, but this felt like the perfect opportunity, and let me tell you—I'm obsessed. Yes, I need to shorten them a few inches, but even that didn't bother me because they're so cool, flattering, and comfortable. I also love this color because, like black, white, and denim, it really goes with everything.

Shop the Emberly Pant:


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Reformation Zoey Linen Short


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My Review: Linen shorts are something everyone should have in their closet, yet somehow, I didn't own a pair I loved. While I may need one size smaller—I ordered a medium—I think these will be invaluable to my wardrobe come spring and even more so in summer. I styled them with a white vest for a makeshift matching-set situation, but I think they'd be great with sweaters and basic tops too.

Shop the Zoey Linen Short:


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Reformation Hudson Ribbed Sweater Tank


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My Review: In an attempt to rely less on my T-shirt collection, I have been looking for more tops that feel like basics but aren't, and this sweater tank really fits the bill. I, of course, love the color but also love how it fits and can work for pretty much any season. 

Shop the Hudson Ribbed Sweater Tank:


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Reformation Enya Wedge Sandal


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My Review: Did I save the best for last? Possibly. After trying these wedges on with half my wardrobe, I can tell you that they're not just cool and comfortable—they're versatile too. I think I accidentally stumbled upon the perfect spring heels. 

Shop the Enya Wedge Sandal:

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