What to Wear to a Summer Wedding, Courtesy of Reformation



If you've hit the age where the majority of your summer weekends are spent jetting off to one wedding or another, hey, we hear you. It seems like a time comes where our vacations are no longer of our volition but are simply weekend after weekend celebrating nuptials in one city or another. And while we'd never complain about the opportunity to share in the joy of our closest friends, that's a whole lot of outfits to think about.

Luckily, Reformation is here with its latest bridal collection, 17 dresses for guests, bridesmaids, and, yes, even brides. The styles range from body-hugging black-tie styles to lightweight, breezy designs ideal for an outdoor shindig somewhere warm. And what's great about the styles is that they're cute enough that you'll want to wear them over again (we've all had those bridesmaid dresses that we couldn't wait to get rid of). So before you buy your gift or book your hotel, or heck even find a date, you can check off the dress.