27 Items I Tried This Year and Loved Enough to Give As Gifts

As much as I like giving gifts, shopping for them is hard. Figuring out what they want, don't have, will use, is the right price, etc., is a challenge, to say the least. And during the holidays, we have to do it for a lot of people at the same time. It's truly overwhelming, but I got you. As an editor and avid shopper myself, I try out a lot of products throughout the year. Being able to make personal recommendations is something I love about my job, and another thing I love about my job is making gift guides. It may seem bizarre, but putting together a big list of gift recommendations brings me so much joy, so here we are.

2020 has been an exceedingly difficult, strange year, and gift-giving is pretty unusual as a result. Many things we'd typically use or want are pretty irrelevant this year, but I came up with 27 things that are quite useful/will be much appreciated this year, and they're all things that have made me happy over the past year. So let's start ordering some last-minute gifts, shall we?

These are the softest slippers that will ever touch your feet, trust me.

This is the cool-girl version of a holiday candle, and it smells as good as it looks.

This does-it-all serum is my favorite new beauty product of the year, you can quote me.

The perfect little plant for a kitchen windowsill.

I wear these house shoes outside too, don't @ me.

The rare eye cream that's nourishing enough for nighttime but lightweight enough for daytime.

'Tis the season for this deliciously festive sparkling wine.

This chain is so gorgeous IRL.

Why give them a basic fleece when you can give them this cool fleece?

Matcha is my go-to stocking stuffer.

These go with everything but they're far from boring.

This was my best pajama purchase of the year, hands down.

I tell everyone to buy these compression socks. They'll change your life.

Full disclaimer: I don't actually own this mug but it's too perfect not to include.

This new lip balm will make any beauty junkie sequel with delight.

My jaw dropped when I discovered these and I immediately ordered three sets.

Can you belive how good of an Amazon find this is?!

I can't stop talking about this coffee concentrate, it's so good.

These bras have a cult following for a reason.

This is a staple in my WFH wardrobe.

I actually received this coffee table book last Christmas and it's a beauty.

One more pair of excellent, pillowy slippers for good measure.