The Only 9 Colors That Matter If You're Trying to Build a Rich-Looking Wardrobe


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As much as the quiet-luxury aesthetic has been discussed or argued about in 2023, it continues to be something of a mystery to many people. Many people I talk to remain puzzled over how to get the look themselves. But as someone who dedicated her life to putting together a wardrobe that feels more expensive and luxurious than it should be, I know that mastering the subtly chic dressing style isn't complicated. All you need is to avoid logos and stick to a clean and classic color palette. 

To finally make quiet luxury easily achievable, I went ahead and laid out all of the various shades in its wheelhouse so you can start to create more timeless and elegant ensembles immediately, taking pieces from your existing wardrobe and supplementing them with new ones that you'll own and wear forever. So, without further ado, scroll down to discover the nine colors that matter most if you want to build a closet that whispers wealth. 

Blackest Black


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Starting off strong is black, especially when the "color" is worn from head to toe. Classic, flattering, and undeniably one of fashion's favorite and most-worn uniforms, an all-black outfit is the ultimate no-brainer combination no matter the occasion, season, or weather. 

Shop black pieces:

Midnight Blue


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Navy blue has been a slept-on color for far too long. The midnight shade that almost always gets skipped over for black is arguably one of the chicest and most versatile hues of all, and it pairs perfectly with pretty much every one of the luxurious colors below, from ivory to chocolate brown. 

Shop navy-blue pieces:

Baby Pink


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Whereas baby pink would have once made me think of cheesy country club outfits covered in tiny printed logos, the shade has taken on a new persona in recent years and is now quite the opposite. Very modern and minimal, the pastel shade will make any outfit look more expensive and enviable. 

Shop pink pieces:

Bright White


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If it's summertime and you want to live your best, most lavish-looking life, putting on an all-white outfit will always be step number one. Just be careful not to spill. We're only trying to look rich, not pay for a giant dry-cleaning bill. 

Shop white pieces:

Olive Green


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Blame it on Anthony Vaccarello, but olive green now automatically makes me think of Saint Laurent and the shockingly upscale lifestyle that must come with being able to afford runway pieces from the Paris-based label. There's just something so bold yet understated about the color that makes it the perfect choice every time. 

Shop green pieces:

Chocolate Brown


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A deep shade of chocolate brown will never disappoint if you want to look like your purse is filled with black cards instead of a stray Lifesaver mint and Rhode's Peptide Lip Treatment (or is that just me?). Simply look at the pieces below if you need additional proof. 

Shop brown pieces:

Soft Ivory


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Nine times out of ten, when I spot a gorgeous outfit on Instagram or a runway, it features at least one ivory piece, be it a dress, skirt, top, or pair of trousers. Consistently elegant brands like Khaite, The Row, and Toteme frequently work with the color, so it's not like I should be surprised or anything. 

Shop ivory pieces:

Charcoal Gray


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Every time I think of charcoal gray wardrobe items, I think of classic '90s Prada looks, which are the epitome of understated elegance and cool factor combined. If you want to keep things minimal, go for an all-gray outfit, though Miuccia Prada would probably add a subtle bit of red, orange, or green in there for a touch of brightness to balance it out. 

Shop gray pieces:

Natural Khaki


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Many people associate khaki with autumn, but I'm a fan of the classic color all year long, whether it's worn in skirt form with a boat-neck tank and kitten heels or on a trench coat styled with a gorgeous LBD underneath. And let me say: There's nothing boring about beige, period. 

Shop khaki pieces:

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