20 Pretty Tops to Buy If You're Tired of Wearing Big T-Shirts

If you feel like you're currently stuck in the wardrobe rut of all things oversize and soft, then I can assure you this story will bring you some much-needed sartorial excitement. To be clear, this title is not to shame anyone into feeling guilty about wearing big T-shirts seven days a week. I am sitting here writing this while wearing an old college graphic tee and big sweatpants. But now that summer has begun fiercely entering the scene, I can't help but crave putting on a cute summer top instead of my current loungewear assortment

No one ever said you can't wear your pretty summer tops at home; it just isn't the venue we are accustomed to. Ahead, I have gathered the 20 pretty summer tops I currently have my eye on and fully plan on purchasing a few of in an effort to spice up my currently very boring aesthetic. I am a firm believer in the idea that dressing up can change your mood for the better, so basically, the more summer tops you wear, the better chance you'll have at a good day. 

If you've been looking for a new way to show off your recent purchases, try this mirror idea. It's the easiest way to capture the glory of the new summer tops you're about to buy. 

Pretty Summer Tops



This top is quickly becoming an internet sensation. While a lot of sizes are sold out (and sadly this color as well), we are certain it will restock soon, so I suggest getting on the waiting list ASAP. 

Swap some of your go-to ribbed tank tops for a buzzier bustier. While any version will do, we are particularly loving this scrunched camisole style, which is also trending hard in the dress world

If you haven't heard about the brand Jacklyn, I suggest you spend some time perusing the site. The aesthetic feels fresh and exciting, and this crop top is the perfect example of that.