The Chic Anti-Loungewear Trend I Want to Wear This Summer

While sweatpants and leggings have been basic staples in my at-home wardrobe, I've been interested in finding some alternative clothing options to wear that are just as comfortable but feel a bit more pulled-together. That's when I noticed the rise of linen clothing—an anti-loungewear trend I've been seeing more and more among the fashion set. The fabric is light and breathable, which is perfect for moving into hotter summer days, and I personally can't wait to start mixing in some of the airy pieces into my wardrobe.

While linen blazers have been a summer staple for me in the past, this summer, I'll be trying out other takes on linen with everything from button-down tops to high-waisted shorts to maxi skirts catching my eye. Showcasing just how stylish the trend is, see how her and other fashion people are wearing it and get some inspiration for the best linen clothing pieces to add to your wardrobe.

A Button-Down Over a Swimsuit

Best linen clothing



A Crop Top With Trousers

Pairing a voluminous crop top and tailored trousers, this outfit is the perfect balance of proportions for summer and beyond. But what makes it so perfect for the season are the lightweight linen pieces.

A Miniskirt With a Tank Top

Best linen skirts



While I typically stick to neutrals, I've been adding more fun pops of color into my wardrobe recently, so this outfit with a pastel miniskirt caught my eye. Worn with a strappy tank top, this is such a cool and easy outfit to wear right now.

Shop the look:

I'm suddenly very into one-shoulder tops.

A Dress With Gold Jewelry

Best linen dresses



The tie-waist detail on this dress adds dimension to the linen piece and is simply so chic. Add in a gold necklace and you have the perfect summer outfit.