12 Practical Purchases I'm Making Even Though I'm Shopping Less This Fall

Prada loafers



As we all know by now, this fall is going to be weird, just as this spring and summer were. Even though fall is my favorite season to shop for, shopping is something I'll be doing less of. Fewer places to go means fewer outfit needs, but that doesn't mean I won't be buying anything.

This year especially, I've been preaching quality over quantity, and instead of filling my closet with lots of cheap, low-quality pieces that I'll probably only wear once, I'm investing my shopping budget in pieces I'll wear over and over and that are as versatile as can be.

I'm well aware that the word "practical" can make the average fashion girl cringe, but it's a great thing in this case. I'm talking about wearable, functional, comfortable items that are also stylish. The fact that these items made their way into my cart even when there's hardly anywhere to go this year means they must be special. Scroll to shop them along with me.

Substantial Loafers

An investment for sure, but not one that you'll regret saving up for.

Every one of our editors is obsessed with these, myself included.

Classic Denim

I can always use a new pair of black skinny jeans.

In case you're in the market for a good pair of stretch jeans, I found 'em.

Functional Outerwear

Now is the time to buy a camel coat (i.e. before they all sell out).

Everyday Sunglasses

I'm ready to return to classic shades after years of statement ones.

Cashmere Sweaters

Brown is the big It color this fall, so I've been on the hunt for a cozy chocolate sweater.

I buy at least one Everlane cashmere sweater every year.

Nice Masks

We're stuck with masks for awhile, so might as well get some nice ones.

I can't stop buying KES masks—they're so beautiful.

Flat Boots

Fancy Chelsea combat boots are something I think I'll wear even after the trend has peaked.

I love boots that are easy to walk in but will also make me taller.

Versatile Jewelry

Initial jewelry is something I'll never ever tire of.

Everyday Bag

Another season, another gorgeous Staud bag I want.

Wolford Bodysuits

Just think of all the layering possibilities.

High-Quality Slippers

These remind me of teddy bears, which is a good thing.

The perfect remedy for those really cold mornings.

I'm ready for these to be permanently stuck to my feet.

Stylish Activewear

I actually just got these chocolate brown leggings and they are beautiful.

Did you know that Ugg makes apparel? Now you do.