I Just Read Tons of Amazon Reviews and Now Have These 29 Fall Items In My Cart

It seems like I was just sharing with you all of my favorite Amazon items for summer (well, I kind of was), but mentally at least, I've moved on to fall. Since the only way to really get into the fall spirit right now is to buy things for it (context: It's currently 95 degrees where I live), I've taken to Amazon to do just that.

As you know, Amazon is the #1 source for random things you didn't know you needed but now you do, and people love to leave reviews when they find a good random gem. I pretty much don't buy anything on Amazon before first reading as many good and bad reviews as I can find the time for but luckily for you, I found some time and as the title of this piece states, my cart is quite full.

Below, you'll find a mix of fashion, beauty, home, and other miscellaneous items that are sure to come in handy in the coming months. Thank me later.

As you can see, this new teal OPI shade is dreamy.

Ripped jeans are a thing again, so that's fun.

My skin will definitely get drier as the season progresses, so I might need to trade my usual exfoliator for these.

Great news: It's time to stock up on fall candles.

Rubber wellies are as trendy this season as they are functional every season.

$11 and nearly 30k reviews? In the cart it goes.

I'm on a mission to get myself together after months of staying home, starting with this popular (as in nearly 4k reviews) tooth-whitening pen.

I'm happy to report that you don't need to spend more than $22 on this legging trend.

This comes in a ton of pretty fall colors.

Fall is the perfect time of year to add this does-it-all oil into your beauty routine. 

I bought these last winter and can confirm that they're wonderful (so can 4.5k other people).

Be nice to your hands—they've been though a lot this year.

It's unlikely that this affordable lip stain will rub off on your face mask.

I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to trade sweatshorts for sweatpants just yet.

This gentle sunscreen is my go-to during fall and winter.

Just a cute outdoor blanket to have on hand in case of picnics and campfires.

I'll never tire of a good baseball cap, no matter the season.

Thanks to mask-wearing, brows are taking center stage, and this is the one Amazon shoppers are obsessed with.

Swapping your pillows out for cozy textured ones in the fall makes a big impact.

This popular sweatshirt just finally restocked.

After a summer of dewy skin, I'm ready to start wearing powder blushes again, and this is my favorite one to apply it with. 

With mask-wearing being the norm now, eyebrows are taking center stage.

I'm swapping my summer face wash for this more moisturizing one.

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