The Shoes That Make Victoria Beckham Feel Powerful

Victoria Beckham powerful shoes


Neil Mockford/GC Images

As far as the fashion and celebrity worlds are concerned, Victoria Beckham is at the top of the heap in terms of powerful women (and very stylish women, for that matter). So I'm all ears when I see anything pertaining to VB and feeling powerful. Luckily, for Footwear News' "Women in Power" issue, the publication asked a few prominent fashion insiders to define their own power shoes, and Beckham's answer made me happy. She told Footwear News, "My definition is dependent on the moment—different occasions call for different footwear options." She continued, "For me, confidence comes from being comfortable in what you're wearing. I'm as comfortable in a pair of sky-high saddle boots as I am in my trainers when I'm in the office or running around with the family."

So why did this make me happy? Basically, Beckham confirmed that power comes (partially, at least) as a result of feeling comfortable and confident in what you're wearing, which is music to my ears. According to her, you could feasibly wear a different pair of shoes every day, and if you feel good when you wear them, they're your power shoes.

Read on to shop the two styles that Beckham names: saddle boots and sneakers.

Available for preorder in sizes 36 to 40.