The Dos and Don'ts of Instagram Posting After Your Proposal

In honor of National Proposal Day (yes, that's a thing), we reached out to engagement expert Stacy Tasman of for advice on post-proposal protocol—particularly when and what to post on social media. Curious?

Keep reading for Tasman's guidelines! 

"Tell your closest friends and family in person or by phone before you post. Instagram is great for shouting from the rooftops, but take the time to call your wolf pack first. They'll want to hear the exciting news straight from the source, and trust us, their excitement will only add to your own." — Stacy Tasman 

"Post right away. Take some time to enjoy cloud nine with your soon-to-be husband. You'll feel what we mean when it happens." — Stacy Tasman

"Flash your new sparkler, but don't make it the main focus of your post. Be sure to include your fiancé – he's the most important part of getting engaged after all! Try a big smooch with your left hand on his face or go the ever-adorable route of dropping your jaw and throwing your hands out together." — Stacy Tasman

"Brag about or post a solo up-close shot of your engagement ring as your first post. It's especially tacky to divulge how many carats your rock is, and straight ring selfies are better for one-on-one texts or Snapchat." — Stacy Tasman

"Post your mushiest proposal reaction photo! This is the one time you can let your #uglycryface take center stage. The crowd will love it—promise." — Stacy Tasman

"Use flash or over-filter your photo. Diamonds shine best in natural light so get that thing in the sun and watch out for awkward shadows." — Stacy Tasman

"Announce your new status with a hint at how he proposed. Save the full story for your feature, but feel free to tease with something cute!" — Stacy Tasman

"Show your nails if they're not in great shape. You can't always control how your mani looks, especially if you've been completely surprised by the proposal, so avoid including your nails in your post if you're due for a trip to the salon. As silly as it sounds, it's pretty distracting to see half-painted nails alongside your otherwise beautiful hand." — Stacy Tasman

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Opening Image: Andria Lindquist@howheasked

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