The Only 5 Denim Trends Fashion People Are Wearing RN

We’ll always stand by our classic jeans. But like any fashion category, denim also follows the ebbs and flows of the trend cycle. And this season, there’s a smattering of fresh winter denim trends to consider when you want to give your fail-safe silhouettes a rest.

For a breakdown of the coolest cuts out there, we turned to some of the coolest fashion girls. After spending a morning swiping through Instagram, there seemed to be five denim frontrunners this set is turning to more than others to keep their winter vibes especially modern. From polarizing flares to the latest in straight-cut denim, the jeans coming your way are about as forward as it gets.

Grandpa Jeans
The biggest winter denim trends



Fashion people have been embracing “grandpa” jeans for a few months now as the denim style du jour for those of-the-moment looks. This cut is in between “mom” jeans and baggy fits with a straight, tapered, looser in shape silhouette. Basically, if you want to look cool, try these.

’90s Straight-Leg Jeans
How to wear straight-leg jeans



It’s no secret that ’90-inspired straight-leg jeans continue to reign supreme given that the decade is back with fervor (sartorially speaking). While those indigo hues are a hit, lighter-wash straight-legs are also a fashion-girl favorite.

How to wear white jeans



As one of the more polarizing winter denim trends out there, flares are officially coming back to give your vibe a retro yet modern twist. This is the one jean style that will most likely invade 2020 as well.

Wide-Leg Jeans
How to wear wide-leg jeans



While wide-leg jeans aren’t typically for the faint of heart with their larger-than-life nature, the style is ramping up to be popular among the fashion crowd because they’re impactful in a not-trying-so-hard way.

White Jeans
How to wear white jeans in the winter



While you may have put away your white jeans after summer ended, the silhouette is actually incredibly chic for winter as well—especially paired with contrasting pieces like black outerwear. Never say no to winter whites.