The Pop Culture Duos You and Your BFF Were Destined to Be for Halloween


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It’s no secret that entertainment often shapes the way we view society, and Halloween is no exception. When you’re planning on coordinating with your BFF for the night, how can you resist embodying your favorite pop culture duos with a costume for best friends?

Considering you’re opting to sport a shared costume for the night, there’s a good chance that you and your bestie already share a sense of humor. It only makes then sense that you’d be making a quality pop culture reference this Halloween. And let’s be honest: Some of the best costumes based on our favorite people, movies, and yes, even memes, come with a partner in crime.

We love a good cultural reference for the holiday, and they’re even better when you’ve got your friends on board. So, check out our favorite pop culture pairs to go as this year. Whether you plan to win the costume competition with your work wife or you want to head to the party hand in hand with your lifelong best friend, these are the duos you were meant to be this Halloween.

Nothing says "best friends" like coordinating Halloween costumes.