We Describe Our "Perfect Outfits" in 3 Memes


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What's the voice of our generation, you ask? Memes, obviously. Admit it—how many times a day do you send, receive, or chuckle at a meme while scrolling through various forms of social media? The reason we love these generational satires is that for whatever reason, they are always weirdly and extremely relatable. While, yes, memes can be globally relatable, it's their surprising intimacy that's most attractive. How is it that a fragment of a sentence on an obscure photo can generate so many personal feelings? In short, memes make us feel seen.

While chatting about our perfect outfits here in the Who What Wear office, my wheels started turning… I knew we could each find a few memes that somehow describe the inner workings of not just our ideal ensembles but our mindset behind each as well. Sure enough, my co-workers and I went on an internet bender to find the memes that best described our personal style, and I'm pretty impressed with the outcome if I do say so myself. 

I know you all don't know us on personal levels, so let me assure you that the meme selections from each of the Who What Wear editors below is spot on. Humor, personal preferences, and fashion-girl wit are written all over their choices, and we have a feeling you'll relate to most, if not all, of the memes ahead.

"My style typically revolves around a great pair of jeans (like that perfect vintage fit that's *almost* too uncomfortable to wear but looks incredible). From there, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I'll pair my jeans with a pretty statement top or keep it chill with a simple cropped tee. And when I'm giving my go-to jeans a rest, I rely on a chic all-white (or some shade of white) look. You really can't go wrong."

"My look usually involves a T-shirt or sweater that belongs to my husband and something fancy and is somehow radically different from however I was dressed the day before."

Def don't look nearly as cute as this lil pup tho

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RIP Alaia ????

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"It's a known fact that I love semi-wacky things, including feathers, bright colors, and glitzy accessories. My friends always used to joke about the fact that I never wore sweats to class in college—ever. With that said, my perfect outfit would involve some statement piece, crazy shoes, and a brand-new purchase that makes me feel 100. The occasion for such an outfit? Doesn't matter. Lastly, I have been obsessed with becoming a "hypebae" as of late and feel like this Meryl Streep meme is 100% my vibe. Unfortunately that's more of a mythical vibe at this point but it's a goal I'm reaching towards."


Meryl Street Original ???? @ifayfu #freddiemade

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"Sometimes I just feel the need to embrace my wacky side and dress in a way that's over the top, but I also often stick to basics like great jeans and a tee. My secret: finish off with a killer pair of shoes. I'm simultaneously all about dressing for comfort since I feel like I'm constantly running around. My ideal outfit looks good, sure, but it also needs to be able to handle whatever comes my way."

"My perfect outfit would definitely be something that's a little tailored and somewhat classic but with a twist. I imagine perhaps a great not-too-fitted dress in my favorite color (red) with an amazing leather jacket and a sick pair of booties. As far as of-the-moment styles, I usually have fun by incorporating more micro-trends into the details of my look via texture, silhouettes, or accessories—anything too forced or gimmicky usually feels totally off. It's got to feel authentically me (comfort is key, too—see: bra meme)."

"My perfect outfit consists of wearing a cool trend piece but then dressing it down with my beat-up Converse, and my inner goth would rather die than have me leave the house in anything but black and white."

"I try not to feel pressure to try every trend under the sun and stick to my own personal style, so the Karl Lagerfeld meme hits it on the nose for me. I'm also guilty of investing a bit too much of my money in shoes and clothes—sorry I'm not sorry."



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Hopefully, you learned a little more about each of us via our silly meme selections. We might all work at Who What Wear, but we sure do have our own style preferences, as should we all.