These Imperfect Diamonds Are Just as Beautiful as Traditional Engagement Rings

It’s no secret that we love classic engagement rings. After all, what is more symbolic of a wedding than a traditional, glittering diamond? Recently, however, we’ve noticed a new style that’s been catching our eye—and it’s not what you’d expect.

More and more, just like weddings, brides are opting for non-traditional engagement rings that better suit their personal style. While going for coloured diamonds or different stones is a route you can take, we’re here to tell you about another feature you can play with to make your ring unique. You’re likely already familiar with the multitude of jewel shapes and cuts, but have you considered a uncut stone for your ring?

Though it may sound a bit unusual at first, Point No Point Studio has us convinced that uncut diamonds deserve more credit than they get. The brand’s uncut stone engagement rings have a natural look that is exquisite when contrasted with their well-crafted bands. Some of their designs feature other stones as well as the diamond, while others emphasise the stone's natural beauty on its own.

If you like the idea of a unique ring, but aren’t sure whether an uncut stone is right for you, Point No Point Studio has other cool options as well. In addition to the uncut diamonds, the brand also makes rings with speckled stones and vintage inspired options. While it’s hard to choose only a few, keep scrolling for some of our favourites.


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