Pinterest Is Putting Money On These 10 Trends for 2018

You’re polishing off the Christmas Day leftovers and summoning up the courage to try on your New Year’s Eve party dress when a thought pops into your head, “What am I going to wear in 2018?” Resolutions of the exercising and clean eating ilk are a total buzzkill compared to thinking about your future style goals like, 'I vow to wear those vinyl trousers every week in 2018.' To help point you in the right direction, the data-crunchers at Pinterest have looked into what styles are set to dominate in 2018. With 70% of female pinners visiting once a week, there’s never been a better time than the lull in-between the big day and the ball dropping to start your 2018 fashion board. Scroll through the gallery to see what trends Pinterest is predicting for 2018.


(Image credit: Lucy Williams)

Saves for “logos” have rocketed up by 203%, meaning the craze started by Gucci’s double G tee looks set to continue into 2018. Either blow your January pay packet on that crystal-studded Dior choker or invest in Gucci’s now cult T-shirt but in black.


Giant Earrings
(Image credit: Pandora Sykes)

Ear adornments the size of a Pink Lady apple are, literally, huge in 2018. Searches for “structured statement earrings”, like this Anissa Kermiche pair, are up by 947%. Mango has become the fashion editor favourite for single, mis-matched and door-knocker-sized earrings on the high street.


Wide-Leg Trousers
(Image credit: Annabel Rosendahl)

If 2017 was all about the cropped kick flare, 2018 looks like the year of the wide-leg. Pinterest saves are up by 213% so ditch the skinny jeans and opt instead for roomy culottes that slice off just above the ankle or floor-sweeping corduroy trousers.


(Image credit: Nnennaechem )

The beret and the baker boy hat tied for the most ‘grammed headgear in 2017 but the former is no flash-in-the-pan fad. Dior’s allegiance to the traditional French chapeau has surely helped saves increase by 269% so 2018 is the time to tip your hat to the trend.


Long layers
(Image credit: Darja Barannik)

Finally, a trend that will keep you snug as a bug in the darkest depths of winter. “Long layered clothing” has increased by 102%, which means oversized wool jumper dresses, knitted tunics and swooshing kimono jackets, preferably quilted, are back on the 2018 agenda. 


(Image credit: Megan Ellaby)

Get used to the kind of vinyl coats that squeak like a leather sofa as you put them on. Saves for “lucite” and “patent leather” have increased by 110% so make 2018 the year you jump on the wipe-clean bandwagon. 


(Image credit: Symphony of Silk)

Perhaps not one for winter, but saves for “side slits” have nevertheless increased by 147%. Slip one of Rixo’s vintage-inspired dresses with cut-outs that dart up the leg over a polo neck until spring arrives.


True blues
(Image credit: Bad Denim)

Denim purists will win out in 2018, with searches for “100% cotton denim” jumping by 115%. Bad Denim, a denim boutique in London’s Clapton, is a mecca of true blues from the Levi’s 501 Skinny to Re/Done’s High Rise Stove Pipe jean.


Statement socks
(Image credit: Emili Sindlev)

A jazzy sock will have the power to make or break an outfit in 2018, with saves spiking by 72%. Thankfully & Other Stories has a superlative collection of hosiery, including sparkly, stripy and sheer pop socks. There’s no cheaper way to switch up your new year style.


Embellished shoes
(Image credit: 5 Inch and Up)

2018 will be the year we all decide to unleash our inner Carrie Bradshaw. Saves for “embellished shoes” are up 222%, which means there’s been a better time to crack out the diamante-encrusted mules, the satin bow sliders and the glitter-dipped ankle boots.

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Opening images: Style Stalker