Everyone Who Is in the Know Is Wearing This Unexpected Color Combo

Don’t get us wrong—we love classic, one-tone outfits dearly (and as we’ve discovered, monochrome ensembles are anything but boring and are always a no-fail option when you’re going for a refined, classic feel). But every once in a while, we (just as much as you) like to spice it up a bit with our colors. And as is often the case, to get our (color) wheels turning, we looked to Instagram (specifically, the accounts from a host of cool girls who are in the know) to uncover the hues they’ve been wearing as of late. Our findings? Pink and orange is the color combo of summer 2018—and we’re following suit stat.

There’s something about the mix of shades that simply screams summer. Maybe it’s because the combo brings to mind beautiful lakeside sunsets or strawberry-orange creamsicles. But regardless of what it makes you think of, the fusion of the two makes for one truly eye-catching, fun, and vibrant outfit. Ahead see the pink-and-orange summer outfits that are inspiring us to step outside of our comfort zones, and then shop the key pieces to re-create these perfect warm-weather ensembles. Orange pants? Check. Pink shoes? Yes, please.


Style du Monde

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