The Engagement Ring Trend Girls With Classic Style Will Love

Perhaps you’ve already noticed, but unconventional engagement rings and wedding bands seem to be gaining serious traction. From unexpected updates on classic styles to nontraditional stones, there’s a ring for every modern bride—including those who consider themselves minimalists. And if you find yourself among them, the chic pearl engagement rings we’re discussing today are for you.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional diamonds—or if you want to steer clear of gemstones altogether—a pearl engagement ring feels unique, unconventional, and timeless. Whether they’re the classic round type or the uneven freshwater style, pearls have a way of transcending any jewelry trends you might come across today. (And the options are plentiful, given pearls’ popularity in the jewelry world at large.)

Ready to start shopping? Scroll down to see the prettiest pearl engagement rings on offer.

We love how the prongs surround this.

We can't get over this Art Deco–style ring.

An open engagement ring feels so modern and cool.

Perfect for donning on your finger every day.

Price upon request.

If you want something that feels both timeless and unexpected, opt for this.

You won't go wrong with something as simple and classic as this pick.

J. Hannah has the best minimalist jewelry pieces, and this ring is no exception.

Katkim always has beautiful and architecturally driven pieces like this pearl ring.

For those who want a pearl engagement ring meant to stand out, this is it.

The sapphires really make the pearl and gold stand out.

A ring like this is bound to be a conversation starter.

We've never seen a baroque pearl look so elegant and classic.

Up next, add these pearl jewelry pieces to your ensembles and instantly make them look more expensive.

This piece was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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