13 Lessons We Learned From ‘The Simple Life’

Confession: The Simple Life was a big part of our mid-‘00s experience, so naturally we felt the need to celebrate the show’s anniversary today. While many years have passed since the show’s debut in 2003, we find that many of the hilarious one-liners from Hilton and Richie’s antics still have (tongue-in-cheek) teachable moments that apply today.

Scroll down to see the top life lessons we learned from the decade’s wildest It-girl duo.

Always check the return policy.
You’re never too old to get out of doing chores.
L.A. is where it’s at.
Play hard to get.
Even though there are only .2 percent of cute guys out there.
Room service is always a good idea.
Inner beauty is the most important.
But if you’re feeling good about your bod, by all means show it off.
Movies are entertaining and educational!
You are your best advocate.
Compliments will get you far.
Beauty sleep is cute. Waking up early? Not so cute.
Never compromise your need for designer clothing.

Were you a fan of The Simple Life when it aired? Let us know in the comments below!

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