4 Styling Tricks We're Stealing Straight From the Streets of Paris

There's no better time to be stalking what fashion It girls are wearing than right now. The most stylish women from all over the world are currently in Paris as Haute Couture Fashion Week wraps up. While Fashion Weeks are typically about celebrating the world's best designers and the magic that happens on the runways, we also love to see the rawness and individuality of street style and pick up styling tricks from the experts.

Celebrities such as Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung always get their outfits right, but we've looked deep into the crowd for unusual prints, unique accessories, and standout pieces for inspiration. They say Paris is the most romantic city in the world, and overall, that's what were seeing through street style of Haute Couture Fashion Week – exuding femininity and romanticism. 

Keep scrolling to see what trends we've been seeing and the styling tricks we're inspired by, then shop our top picks.

Standout prints

Bold and coloured prints are everywhere — whether it be geometric, floral, check, or polka dots. It's an easy assumption to think prints of this nature will date, but the trick is learning how to differently style them season after season, year after year. Look to other current trends for a touch of pattern play and double-up on the femininity and boldness.


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Handle bags

Whether it be large or small, bags that are just held daintily by the hand were seen outside every show. There's no better way to make your bag part of your outfit by holding it right next to you. For your existing shoulder bags with long straps, bunch up the strap in your hand. 


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oversized belts

We already know that French girls love a great belt. But an easy way for an existing outfit to climb the ranks from a five to a ten is to add an oversized piece. Make sure to keep your outfit balanced, and don't be afraid to show off a little décolletage and to let your tresses out.


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Sheer dresses

We've seen this trend pop up season after season, and we're still loving it just as much. Nothing says romance like showing off a little skin in a sheer number. Go easy on the accessories as the nearly-nude statement will do all the talking. 


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