15 Easy and Creative Ways to Style an Oversized Blazer

Before you pull out all the stops (aka your biggest, warmest coats), blazers are the perfect light layer to make it through fall in stylish comfort. Our current favorite way to wear it? Oversized blazer outfits. While we always appreciate an amazing fit, an intentionally too-big blazer allows for so many more styling options, especially in chiller weather. The tailored shape gives a structure to a flowy dress silhouette and it makes even a cozy sweatshirt look sophisticated. The styling feels effortless and chic, and when it comes to options, there are tons.

That said, why we've rounded 15 oversized blazer outfits from some of our favorite style influencers.  They've styled this staple in easy and creative ways, and we're shamelessly copying them.

Behold a pro styling tip: the half-tucked blazer.

An oversized blazer elevates your striped-top-and-denim look, instantly. 

See what we mean? It works for a button-down, as well.

Still want some shape? Cinch your oversized blazer with a belt. 

They look best when contrasted with different prints. 

Here's another example. 

Your hands will never get cold now. 

We're loving this oversized suit look. 

They look so good with a simple, classic tee. 

Pair them up with your favorite athleisure look for a nice style contrast. 

Or go for a full monochrome look. 

Maxi dresses and oversized blazers are a match made in heaven. 

Oversized blazers are perfect to layer your fitted blazer underneath. 

Too oversized? Use it as a dress.

Denim oversized blazers are too pretty. 

Got to go—trying on everything in our closets with an oversized blazer. 

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