5 Ways I Plan on Styling the Perfect Pair of Relaxed Jeans I Just Bought

Over the past couple of months, I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of relaxed jeans. Thanks to a recent Shopbop sale, I finally struck gold with a light-wash, high-waisted, straight-leg, slightly slouchy fit (my demands were clearly high). Pat on the back for me. But the only thing more exciting for me than making a new purchase is getting down to business by mapping out every outfit combo I can dream up.

Since I've waited this long to find my dream pair of pants, I think it's only fair that I get a pass for wanting to wear them almost every day for the next few weeks. So ahead, I'm giving you an insight into my planning process with five fully fleshed out outfit ideas to style with your own pair of relaxed jeans. All of my neutral leaning tendencies included.

The Jeans

Outfit Idea #1

Ever since our Senior Editor Lauren Eggertsen first spotted the growing lace-up trend, I've been itching to hop on it myself. But while I don't mind a crop top every now and then, the midriff-baring tops the trend can usually be found in is little too revealing for when it comes to my personal style. Luckily, I found the ideal solve with this open-back T-shirt. I'll be packing on the trends with an added moon bag, some wedges, and a layered chain belt.

Outfit Idea #2

The best part about relaxed jeans are, without a rigid structure, they can almost resemble trousers. The slouchy fit allows you to dress it up more than you could a standard pair of denim. So I'm running with the business casual look via a leather blazer but with a spring-friendly twist thanks to a knitted square-neck tank and some fun, beaded accessories. And since I still can't get square-toe flats out of my head, I'm sneaking them into every outfit I can.

Outfit Idea #3

There are so many cute cardigan tops to choose from this season, but my eye is specifically turned toward the button-loop variety. I love the slim silhouette created that comes from a thin cardigan and a pair of high-waisted jeans. I'm playing up the '90s theme with a proper shoulder bag, strappy sandals, and the ultimate throwback: colored hair clips.

Outfit Idea #4

It may not be summer yet, but who's to say I can't dress like it? I'm trying to prolong the shelf-life of the muscle tank that recently went viral by manifesting it into my spring outfits. With such a basic top and bottom pairing, I'm filling the outfit out with accessories focused on adding texture from a croc-effect belt to a similarly themed pair of mules alongside a thick, gold chain necklace.

Outfit Idea #5

As for the colder days of the season, layering is key. Since the wash of the jeans is pretty light, I'm offsetting a bold tie-dye turtleneck tee with a beige shacket to keep the color balance in check, while staying toasty. Since I'm trying to be cognizant of adding more color to m outfits this year, I've picked out retro-inspired accessories in the same hue as this colorful top rounded out with my favorite pair of white lace-up boots.