The 7 Necklace Trends Every Jewelry Lover Should Have in Their Collection

After months of bundling up in turtlenecks and scarves, it's finally time to let your neck see the sun again, which means it's also time to refresh your necklace collection. We've been keeping an eye on Instagram (where jewelry trends are always prevalent) for the must-know styles of the moment, and we narrowed it down to seven finalists.

You might recall in prior seasons that few trends held a candle to coin necklaces. This time around, retailers are thinking outside the box. There are undoubtedly more trends to embrace than there were before, all of which are sure to make a statement (even if it's just a subtle one), and all of which are available at both high and low price points. Keep scrolling to shop the top seven necklace trends to have in your collection now.

1. Luxe Shells

Shell necklace trend



At this point, it's clear to see that the seashell trend—whether it involves actual shells or metal versions of them—is here to stay. And now, it's bigger than ever. But if you're looking for a fresh way to wear these necklaces, here's a pro tip: Choose pieces that read less "beach day" and more polished.

2. Charms

Charm necklace trend



Yes, the charm necklaces of your youth are officially back. Blame it on fashion's love affair with the '90s for these playful pieces coming back into your life, but there's no reason not to add these into your jewelry box. Opt for something that hints at the iconic decade or go for a style that feels more modern.

Beaded necklace trend



Perhaps it's a reaction to the minimalist, everyday jewelry women will always have in their collection, but this year's jewelry trends are bursting with color. More specifically, colorful beads. Without a doubt, this Instagrammable trend will be a playful touch to your outfits in any season.

4. Tennis Necklaces

Tennis necklace trend



For those of you who prefer to wear a hefty amount of sparkle on your neck, this is the perfect time to invest in the tennis necklace trend. Trust us—you'll be wearing this piece for years.

5. Chunky Chains

Chunky chain necklace trend



As opposed to the delicate layers of necklaces that were a thing in seasons past, right now, it's all about chunky gold-chain necklaces. You can thank the return of the '80s for this one.

No sorority-girl pearls here. This time around, pearls are decidedly cool and unique. Focus on irregular, baroque styles or new, stylistic takes on the classic trend.

7. Layered Medallions

Layered medallion necklace trend



Don't worry—there's no need to retire your coin necklaces yet. However, this year, fashion girls are layering their medallion pendants as opposed to wearing just one.