8 of the Chicest Cardigan Trends to Wear This Spring

Few can forget one of Katie Holmes' most iconic style moment of the decade: Thanks to an all-too-relatable slip of the shoulder, the celeb turned a simple cardigan into an internet phenomenon. Yep, cardigans everywhere. And if the spring runways were any indication, that won't be slowing down anytime soon.

Instead of the traditional button-ups of the past (you know—the styles that litter your thrift shop or the neutral color palettes associate with grade-school uniforms), designers are gifting us with a few fresh takes. The sweater now comes in pastel hues with pearl buttons, dainty collars, and cute puffy sleeves. These are styles worthy enough to stand alone as a top. So we've gone ahead and rounded up the eight best ways you can wear a cardi this season. Sorry, fall—spring is about to be considered the new cozy season.

The Longline Cardigan

Meet the cardigan style that fits just right. The length isn't too different from the button-less wool-blend styles we reserve for long-haul flights and our work desk (curse that office AC), but something about the slim fit makes it hit differently. Kudos if you can find a matching set like The Line by K version below.

The Old-School Cardigan

We can't address cardigans without giving a spotlight to the old school iteration. Luckily, they're no longer as ho-hum. If the traditional sweater style is more your speed, there are plenty of modern iterations that spruce it up like lime green colorways, contrast hems, and well-placed additional fabric.

The Maxi Cardigan

I wish I had a time machine so I could tell middle school me that the midi to maxi cardigan would once again see the light of day. Like most things, we have Jacquemus to thank for this revival. Hopefully, the trend will receive a longer shelf life than it did in the early aughts. 

The Cardigan Top

Truthfully, most of this season's cardigans can be worn on their own as a top, but some are going the extra distance. Between added collars to short-sleeve styles, it might be time to give up your plain old T-shirts for good.

The Cardigans That Go Above and Beyond

Novel buttons, embroidery, puffy sleeves, oh my! Some cardigans have gone the extra mile this season. There's no excuse to ever opt for a dowdy sweater again.

The Button-Loop Cardigan

This is a very specific style yet one that's taking off. Expect a little extra peep through with loops as opposed to standard buttonholes. While the effect isn't very bra-friendly, it does give this "granny" staple a sexy edge.

The Classic Chunky Knit Cardigan

If you don't already have one of these in your closet, it might be time to fix that. The chunky knit cardigan is the fall staple that no works just as well in the spring. 

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