These 5 Simple Outfits Are Made Up of the Basics Fashion Editors Love

If you were to look into our wardrobes, you’d uncover two key sections. Of course, there’s going to be a spot dedicated to those trendier finds. But on the flip side, you’re bound to uncover a solid grouping of simple and next-level basics. It’s these staples that are the true anchors in our closets to help balance out our looks. On that note, we thought we’d highlight a few outfits we’ve been wearing in our day-to-day. The key to the ensembles in question is that they’re all made up of the elevated basics we, your trusty fashion editors, love.

Keep scrolling to uncover a range of outfit ideas to consider for the season. As a preview, you’ll find everything from an easy look featuring an A+ denim cut to a forward silhouette with a gorgeous knit front and center. Oh, you’ll also see a ton of inspired shopping picks if you’re interested in adding a fresh fall piece into your offering.

Cardigan + Tank + Straight-Leg Jeans

A coordinating tank and cardigan set is an elevated basic that pairs flawlessly with a range of items, including those trusty straight-leg jeans.

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Blazer + Tee + Trousers

Fashion Editors Wear These Outfits With Basics



This is one uniform our fashion team consistently wears on repeat with the tee, trousers, and blazer for a touch of polish.

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Trench + Bodysuit + Ripped Jeans

You can't go wrong with a trench coat. It's classic and always chic. It looks great over a simple and stylish look of a bodysuit and distressed jeans.

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Ribbed Knit + Cropped Trousers

We love a good two-piece outfit that's easy and forward, including this ensemble with the ribbed knit and cropped trousers.

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White Tee + Neutral Skirt

Fashion Editors Wear These Outfits With Basics



Here is another chic two-piece outfit with a white tee and skirt. If it's cooler outside, simply toss on another great outerwear basic like a denim jacket.

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