I'm Already Over These 5 Fall Trends, so I'm Buying These 5 Instead

Call me fickle, but as someone who is constantly scouring the internet for the next best thing, I tend to get over trends pretty quickly. Is this a horrible habit and trait of mine? It absolutely is, but instead of wallowing in self-pity, I decided to turn my constantly changing sartorial preferences into a story for all of you. Here I have listed out five fall trends I am already a little sick of and shopped out the ones I'm now buying instead. To preface, if you still love all the trends I claimed to be over, that's more than okay—I am simply listing my personal preferences at the moment. 

Who What Wear Collection recently dropped a slew of new styles that spearheaded my trend shift and I have a feeling after seeing all of my picks, you'll understand the pivot. From relaxed suiting to the cutest matching knit sets you've ever seen (yes, I might be a little biased), get ready for the fall wardrobe update you didn't know you needed, courtesy of all the new arrivals from Who What Wear Collection. 

Over: Dark Denim
Buying: Relaxed Suiting

A casual yet elevated look that's been trending this fall is dark denim. While I love the look in general, it doesn't really align with my personal taste, so I'm choosing to get that laid-back yet polished look via relaxed suiting versus the dark denim that's also trending. This Who What Wear Collection three-piece suit is just the versatile set I need to get me through the rest of fall and winter with ease. 

Over: Long Cardigans
Buying: Matching Knit Sets

Long cardigans are pretty much an expected basic when it comes to fall attire, but truthfully, they just aren't for me. Instead, this fall I will be buying into matching knit sets. From cardigans and tops to full knit lounge sets, these matching separates will make my fall season 10 times cozier and 10 times cuter, too. 

I love this abstract swirl print from our beloved Who What Wear Collection. While dark florals will surely always find a place in my fall wardrobe, this season, I am prioritizing more unique prints first. Coming in dress and skirt versions, this trendy print is one you don't want to miss this fall. 

Over: Barely There Crop Tops
Buying: Elegant Going-Out Tops

Fall 2021 Trends Who What Wear Collection



I will admit that I definitely went through a phase where I believed the more cropped the top, the better, but now as temperatures drop and I am presented with fewer opportunities to go out, I find myself opting for more elevated going-out tops with interesting details like ruching or one shoulder. 

Over: Billowy Dresses
Buying: Basic Midi Dresses With a Twist

Fall 2021 Trends Who What Wear Collection



This season, I'm ditching my billowy dresses for ones that are a bit sleeker, a bit more forward, and are overall what I would describe as "basic with a twist." These dresses have that trend-forward element while still being able to pass as a basic in the future.