I Predict These 5 New Trends Won't Last Long and These 7 Have Staying Power

The fashion trend cycle can be fickle. One month, a certain silhouette feels relevant and the next it's become saturated. And though I'm a firm believer that you should wear whatever you please at all times, I'm also a firm believer in falling in love with a new trend or two along the way. The last few months have procured a handful of fresh trends that while shiny and new, also have a lot of staying power thanks to their versatility. Reworked gold hoop earrings, wide-leg jeans, and a handful of other pieces ahead are worth adding to your shopping list. And for the sake of cleaning out your closet, I also rounded up five trends that may be worth taking to your local Goodwill (provided they aren't serving you anymore).

Below, five trends I predict won't last long and seven that I suspect have some real staying power. Discover the trends, shop the picks, you know the drill.

Won't Last Long: Fancy Flip Flops

Flip flops have received the high-end stamp of approval from brands near and far and while they'll likely work for this summer, something tells us the idea of a pair of flip flops at a designer price point won't be in favor for long. 

Staying Power: Wide-Leg Jeans

Wide-Leg Jeans


Szymon Brzoska - The Style Stalker

Step aside, skinny jeans it's time to let a more comfortable denim silhouette take the lead. Wide legs have entered the mainstream and in rises and washes that feel especially flattering and easy to wear.

Won't Last Long: Pants Tucked Into Boots

If you've paid attention to street style in the last six months then you're already well acquainted with the pants-tucked-into-boots trend. While this look is quite chic, it's probably so much of a statement that it won't stick around forever.

Staying Power: Vests

Vest Pernille Teisbaek


Szymon Brzoska - The Style Stalker

Vests have ebbed and flowed in the trend circuit for centuries plus designers have served up chic iterations in the last couple of seasons that make this layering piece well worth the investment.

Won't Last Long: Bermuda Shorts

As much as we adore a leather Bermuda short right now, the silhouette is admittedly a tough sell to those who are used to their classic blue jeans and trousers. 

Staying Power: Leather Blazers

Leather Blazer


Szymon Brzoska - The Style Stalker

There's something so enduringly stylish about a leather blazer. Thankfully, there are plenty of elevated vegan options on the market these days and the piece can transition between seasons seamlessly.

Won't Last Long: Hair Barettes

Multicolor, oft-bedazzled hair barrettes had their moment in the spotlight but it seems these whimsical accessories are losing steam.

Staying Power: Chunky Gold Hoops

Gold Hoop Earrings


Szymon Brzoska - The Style Stalker

It's unsurprising that the chunky gold hoop trend has staying power; the jewelry staple goes with everything and instantly brightens up your face.

Won't Last Long: Padded Headbands

Another hair accessory that may not weather the storm is the padded headband. Though great for a statement party look, it doesn't feel quite as versatile as its non-cushioned cousin (the regular headband). 

Staying Power: Ruching

Ruched Bag


Szymon Brzoska - The Style Stalker

Ruched details add an artisanal element to whatever piece you find it on—purses, pumps, dresses, and so on. It's a classic design element that'll never go out of style.

Staying Power: Quilted Accessories

Blue Coat Quilted Clutch


Szymon Brzoska - The Style Stalker

Similar to ruching, quilted design details give accessories a handmade vibe that always looks sleek. Wear now, wear often.

Staying Power: Croc-Effect

Plaid Coat Zebra Boots


Szymon Brzoska - The Style Stalker

A croc-effect texture always looks more expensive than it is, which is cause enough to add to your wardrobe for many years to come.

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