I'm Convinced That Ocean's 8 Is the Next Great Fashion Movie


Getty Images

The Met Gala, diamonds, drama… Ocean's 8 has all the makings of a great fashion film. But, as we've been anticipating the movie's June 8 release for months, the official trailer is finally here, confirming what we suspected: Fashion girls are going to love this movie. Like The Devil Wears Prada, Sex and the City, and other iconic films that came before, the film features a mix of insidery details (behind-the-scenes moments at the Met Gala), great costumes (that leopard coat!), and a killer female cast to boot.

Though we've seen glimpses of what's to come via social media, the official trailer is finally here, and it's getting us all the more excited. As people who tend to wait until we're on an airplane to actually catch up on the blockbusters we've been wanting to see, this is an instance when we're putting our collective foot down and heading straight for the theater come release day. If you're as excited as we are for the big day, check out the full trailer below along with the posters for the film.


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