Did We Just Discover the Next Mansur Gavriel?

The minimalistic designs (and Instagram aesthetic) of Mansur Gavriel are loved by fashion editors and celebrities all over the world. Honing in on pastel colour and femininity, the brand kickstarted some of our favourite trends of late, such as the bucket bag, and the kitten heel mule. Since we love shining a light on the smaller brands, we're here to say it's only a matter of time before New York's OAD follows in Mansur Gavriel's footsteps and snags a spot on everyone's wishlist. OAD designer Sydney Suh-Lee began to design her own bags after working for the likes of Calvin Klein and Kate Spade, and her products resemble every woman's wants and needs—functional, minimal, and affordable.


In conversation with Vogue.com, Suh-Lee says she started her own label because she had a hard time finding bags that were minimal but also sufficiently for organisation. She also wanted to make a statement with colour, and designed the range in eight different shades ranging from the classics (black, white, and taupe), to brights and pastel shades. "They capture the minimal aesthetic I was going for, but I wanted to inject this functionality that didn't look contrived." Suh-Lee says. A quick look at OAD’s artistic Instagram and you'll very quickly understand Suh-Lee's brand vision. While we don't have stockists here in Australia yet (fingers crossed there's something in the works), the products are shoppable online on their website and through Shopbop.

Keep scrolling to shop our favourite OAD products and get them while the brand is still under-the-radar.

We'll take one in every colour please, and thank you. 

Your next favourite convertable crossbody bag. 

We're not surprised these are already starting to selling out. 

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