NYC Girls Are Wearing These Lingerie Trends Right Now

NYC girls are leaders of fashion trends across the board, but one style choice that’s hidden underneath their clothes and thus harder to tap into? Lingerie. Curious to find out just which pieces women from the Big Apple are wearing right now and into the fall months, I asked the stylish set to share exactly what you’ll find them wearing and the pieces they’re recommending to all of their friends.

It turns out there is a wide variety of trends across the board. There are classic pieces like lacy bras that are strategically styled underneath tailored blazers, silk pajama sets to wear in the comfort of home, and minimalist matching bras and high-waisted underwear that will never go out of style. But there are also items like barrettes in bold neon colors and leopard-print camisoles that are tapping into fall’s biggest runway trends. Ahead, see exactly what lingerie cool NYC girls are wearing and shop their insider picks.