12 Boots NYC Fashion Girls Are Buying for Fall

12 Boots NYC Fashion Girls are Buying for Fall


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Truth be told, fall is the best season in New York City. It’s not too hot, so you can walk from the High Line to Hudson Yards without breaking a sweat; not too cold, so you aren’t forced to ride the subway in your parka with everyone else packed in like sardines. In fact, it’s just right for a leather jacket, broken-in pair of jeans, and your best asphalt-kicking boots. Sartorially speaking, this season can last from early September to late November, so there are almost 100 days to experiment with autumn outfits

Of course, the standard NYC fashion-girl off-duty uniform would be, well, a little too uniform without a few accents and accessories that make it unique to the individual. Our favorite way to mix up the standard fall look is on-trend footwear

Below, you’ll find 12 pairs of boots that fashion girls are already wearing this season—a few of which will even carry us into winter thanks to waterproof materials and elevated treads. After all, when you’re an NYC girl, it’s essential to have several pairs of boots that were made for walking up and down Manhattan.

Who says New Yorkers aren't practical? We are—sometimes. This affordable boot is great for a crosstown, puddle-jumping commute. 

These boots go with everything—and they're a steal on sale.

I own five different pairs of Chelsea boots. Just find a basic black style and fit that suits you, and then buy it in a couple of fun patterns. 

Leopard is a neutral, even in the concrete jungle. Trust us. 

You don't have to be a postal worker in 1900s England to know that Dr. Martens make a workhorse of a shoe. This combat style with extra lift is a fashion-girl favorite.

If a more utilitarian combat style is your jam, try these Frye boots on for size.

Another boot that carries you from day to night, uptown to downtown, and everywhere in between. 

The perfect combination of witchy and Windsor, if we do say so.

The croc effect is here to stay for another season. We love these sleek boots in dark brown.

If you are going to invest in only one pair of Chelsea boots, this is it. Just be sure to take care of the leather after stomps in rainy weather. 

These striking white cowgirl boots will seriously stand out in a crosswalk. 

Buttery leather perfection! These might be too nice to wear on the street. Taxi, please.

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