5 Things Girls in Paris and NYC Both Wear

As I hope you’ve gathered from the title of this story, today we’re in for a roundup of epic proportions. After reading this, not only will you be able to emulate the styles of the ever-elusive French girl and always enviable NYC girl, but you will be able to cover both bases at the same time—because 1. why choose one if you don't have to, and 2. what could be better?

To make it as easy as possible, I’ve combed through Instagram and rounded up the five pieces both demographics wear, just in time for the start of fall. From the classic animal-print dress to fashion’s It item of the moment, bike shorts, simply continue on for the five items both groups have in common, to see how they each style them, and, of course, to shop them.

1. Animal-Print Dresses

2. Snake-Print Boots

3. Bike Shorts

4. Easy Jumpsuits

5. Fashion Sneakers

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