I'm a Nordstrom Designer—These Basics and Accessories Are Key for 2023


(Image credit: Topshop Soft Classic Trench Coat ($78))

We, the editors here at WWW, highlight various shopping edits on a daily basis in an effort to help inspire your wardrobes. We’re also routinely interested in learning about what others in the industry deem as closet staples for further sartorial exploration. So when one of the lead designers at Nordstrom (one of our go-to retailers) wanted to share her list of 2023 essentials, we jumped at the chance. 

Quynh Phan, a senior designer of the Nordstrom Made brands, agrees that basics are the true foundational elements in a wardrobe. She thinks a few key trendy basics will be most popular among customers in 2023 due to their modern yet versatile nature. That intel is coming your way below. Phan also loves how accessories can instantly elevate an ensemble, so she’s offering up the items she thinks will also be front-runners this year.

Keep scrolling for 2023 shopping inspiration, complete with a range of items from the Nordstrom Made brands and other covetable labels available at Nordstrom.

Relaxed Button-Down Shirt

"The button-down is a must-have in my closet—whether in solid or stripes, oversized or an easy fit over the body. I wear this under my sweaters, alone with trousers or denim. This staple is on rotation in my closet for 2023. I am excited to see them in bolder colors for 2023." — Phan

Crew-Neck T-Shirt

"I am obsessed with bringing a basic easy-to-wear cotton or cotton blend crew-neck back into the mix. This can be a layering piece under chunky sweaters or blazers, and I love it with an oversize button-down shirt—unbuttoned like a third piece for a new spring look." — Phan

Trench Coat

"This classic, timeless piece is one that has caught my eye going into 2023. I am seeing them all over Instagram and on pretty much all the influencers I follow as well as my favorite brands." — Phan

Tailored Belt

"Not only is this accessory functional, but it can be dressed down or up depending on what you wear it with. I love wearing my belt with my monochromatic trousers and button-up shirt—it breaks up the one color and has a bit of interest. I also love wearing this belt with my oversize baggy denim jeans and a white tee." — Phan

Statement Jewelry (Rings and Necklaces)

"Seeing so many beautiful pieces of jewelry out there; the shapes are more organic in nature and some of them feel like pieces of art. Loving the gold comeback. For so long we had silver or white gold, it’s nice to add that color richness to the wardrobe." — Phan

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Bobby Schuessler
Market Director

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