I Design for Nordstrom—These Are the 2022 Items That Will Work for Everyone

I Design for Nordstrom—These Are the 2022 Items That Will Work for Everyone



Nordstrom is a go-to store for many of us given the wide assortment of merchandise to suit a range of styles. While the retailer stocks a slew of covetable brands, it’s the in-house Nordstrom Made lines that are favorites for the team because of their forward nature.

We actually had the opportunity to chat with one of the senior designers of the Nordstrom Made lines to get a sense of some of her personal favorite picks. We specifically inquired about the 2022 items she thinks are strong from the various Nordstrom labels because they could work for everyone given their versatile nature.

Below you’ll uncover the six chic pieces Quynh Phan, senior designer on the Nordstrom Made team, thinks could be worth investing in this year. Keep scrolling for her testimonials and top-notch shopping inspiration.

Essential Button-Up Shirt

Why I love it: This is a must-have piece in your wardrobe. A true workhorse and it works with almost everything in your closet. It can be worn for all seasons: over a turtleneck, under a sweater, and alone with jeans or trousers. This silhouette can be done in solids and patterns and is a great versatile piece for any wardrobe."

Versatile Cardigan

Why I love it: An updated styling to a classic silhouette. This piece can be worn over a tank top as a lightweight third piece or all on its own. Pair it with trousers for a day in the office or with jeans for an everyday look. I even wear mine with sweatpants for errands and lounging around the house.

Wide-Leg Trousers

Why I love it: As we reemerge into the workplace, these trousers are a “go-to” piece. This silhouette isn’t just for the office, add a slouchy fun tee with Chucks for a casual look, add heels for a night out—and in different fabrications (sleek satins and velvet), they can also work as a formal/party piece.

Layering Knit

Why I love it:  Again, it’s another staple in your wardrobe that can “add” to the outfit.  It’s understated yet plays an integral part.

Quilted/Puffer Pieces

Why I love it: The great outdoors—where function meets fashion is really a growing trend. Silhouettes range from shorter-length jackets to long and oversize. This spans all demographics.


Why I love it: My fascination with blazers dates back to Lauren Bacall and Laurel and Hardy with the “Old Hollywood glam meets slapstick comedy." It continued with Diane Keaton in Annie Hall and Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally—that was when I think the blazer really took off (and I am hoping it’s here to stay). I think I could write a thesis paper on the blazer. This item can be easily dressed up or down—pair it with a tee or joggers and a baseball cap, or an LBD with heels. Classics tweeds and checks, solids, linen blends, and even printed blazers—there is so much versatility and longevity in this type of silhouette.