I Run 6 Days a Week—These Are the Nordstrom Leggings That I Swear By

If you follow me on Instagram (I swear this isn't a plug), you've probably noticed that, on an almost daily basis, I post a screenshot of my Nike Run Club app, showcasing my run for the day. A welcome consequence of the pandemic, running has become a six-days-a-week habit that keeps my mind at ease and my body happy. But since I live in a city that experiences all types of weather, from subzero temperatures to heat that feels like the inside of a sauna, dressing for the occasion isn't always as simple as putting on whatever sports bra and leggings are clean.

About six months into my running journey, I finally decided that it was time to start investing in gear that could stand up against the elements, starting with shoes (the pair above are Nike's famed Air Zoom Alphaflys, but Hoka and On running shoes also warrant shout-outs) and following with leggings. Surprisingly, it took a lot of trial and error to find pairs that stayed put during a long run, featured pockets for my keys and phone, and were warm or cool enough to keep me temperate throughout the various seasons. But after a few very good and very, very bad experiences, I was able to single out the legging styles that are truly up to the task. 

Me being me, I couldn't possibly keep my findings to myself. Whether you're new to running or are a vet looking for fresh styles to try out, find the 21 leggings I swear by, all of which can be conveniently purchased at Nordstrom, ahead.

Leggings With Pockets

Though I'm a huge fan of running belts, nothing compares to leggings that have built-in pockets capable of holding your keys, phone, and perhaps a credit card. (I'm often guilty of doing a Trader Joe's run post-workout.) 

Not only are Girlfriend Collective's leggings super comfortable and cute, but they're also size inclusive. Nordstrom carries them up to size 3X, but sizes up to 6X are sold on the brand's website.

No brand has mastered the super-soft leggings quite as much as Beyond Yoga. Its Space Dye fabric is beyond—no pun intended.

The pockets on these Alo leggings will keep your belongings secure from the beginning to the end of your workout.

Leggings for Cold Weather

Running in the cold can be a nightmare if you don't have the proper gear. On top, there's nothing better than Uniqlo's Heattech. As for leggings, you can't go wrong with the options below. 

These are made with a breathable fleece fabric that will make running in 20-degree temperatures pain-free.

On doesn't only know how to make stellar running shoes—the brand's activewear is also impeccable.

For extremely cold days, I like to wear a base layer underneath a pair of regular leggings. 

Short Leggings

There are few things I love more than running in weather that doesn't warrant layers and layers of Heattech. Instead, when the temperatures reach 60°, I solely run in cropped bike shorts. And because of that, I buy (and wear) a lot of them.

The thick band on these keeps them perfectly in place.

Free People's activewear is always super comfy.

These are so comfortable, even when it feels like it's 1000° out.

High-Intensity Leggings

A high-intensity workout calls for high-intensity leggings—aka ones that are sweat-wicking, won't budge, and are flexible enough to give you room to sprint, squat, and go the distance.

I fell in love with New Balance for its normcore sneakers but stayed for its running gear.

This is one of only a few examples of a high-fashion activewear collab that really works.

I am obsessed with these and wear them at least once a week.

Statement Leggings

I don't often go for colorful, patterned, or metallic leggings, mostly preferring to stay pretty neutral. But when I do, these are my go-to pairs.

Outdoor Voices consistently has the most interesting color palettes in my opinion. 

I greatly appreciate how low-key this camo print is.

Capri Leggings

Capri-length leggings are the perfect leggings for in-between weather. Traditional fall and spring temperatures are rare in New York (it's either cold or hot most years), but on those few days when your legs would freeze in shorts but you can safely have some skin showing, these are *it.*

I also like to wear leggings of this crop with a big sweater and clogs.

Posh knew what she was doing when she designed these. 

High-Waisted Leggings

If you ask me, the higher the waistline for leggings, the better. I'm more and more softening to lower-rise bottoms, like jeans and trousers, but when it comes to leggings, they'll always be high-waisted.

Rumor is that Kendall Jenner loves these (and all Alo leggings).

I'm a huge fan of leggings with a drawstring-waist feature.