These Leggings Are Going to Be Every Fashion Girl's Obsession

There is no single definition of an athlete. No matter if you're a runner, dancer, or even just prefer a nice stroll, you need the gear to get you there. And if you're looking for inspiration to "do more," there's no one to better exemplify the idea than multi-hyphenate trendsetter FKA Twigs. As the creative director for Nike's new Zonal Strength Tights campaign, Twigs has created an inspiring new vision that unites Olympic athletes, dancers, and track stars alike.

Said Twigs in an open letter for the campaign, "When Nike reached out to me about collaborating together on this project, I saw it as an opportunity to inspire people who want to use their bodies in a positive way." Twigs goes on to share more thoughts about the intersection of creativity and athleticism. Watch her campaign video below, and then click through to check out campaign photos along with her inspiring quotes.