Let's Make a Bet: These Ankle Boots Will Be All Over Fashion Week 



The other day, I was at a market appointment (as I usually am), and a pair of ankle boots caught my eye—Nicole Saldana's latest snakeskin zip-up boots. First of all, now that I live in New York after having lived in California my whole life, snow boots are a must-have. However, I prefer to call them "boots that can endure the snow" so that I have a broader range while shopping. The new spring 2018 Nicole Saldana boots are exactly that, thanks to their chunky and slightly elevated soles equipped with ample traction to prevent slipping. 

The very next day, I went to a different market appointment and spotted an editor wearing them during the first snow we've had in a couple of weeks. Jealousy was definitely an initial reaction of mine, which was quickly followed by intrigue. Will these be the boots we see everywhere this fashion week? (Brace yourself, it's coming up.) There's always a medley of fresh products you see on about every other editor and fashion insider during this time, and if I had to make a bet, I'd say these Nicole Saldana snakeskin ankle boots will definitely be included in the mix this season. 

The boots just dropped this week, meaning fashion week or not, these cold-weather and editor-approved ankle boots can be yours too. Available in both lime green and blue, we've shopped out the soon-to-be iconic boots below. If you've been searching for a pair that is both forward and functional, we're pretty sure you've just met your match.