7 Spring Trends NYC Girls Are Actually Wearing

We love Mother Earth and fashion. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive, which is why for Earth Day, 100% of the products featured in editorial stories published today will be eco-friendly.

If you’re looking for an outfit idea that’s both of-the-moment and practical, there’s no better reference than one from the ladies of NYC… and I’m not just saying that because I recently became one. Their unique perspective—informed both by a walking-centric lifestyle and the fact that they live in what is arguably the country’s most stylish city (sorry, L.A.)—lends itself perfectly to such matters.

They know what to wear if they want to look great and also feel great at the end of a long day that took them from a breakfast meeting to work to dinner to drinks and beyond. So what exactly is this stylish set test-driving right now? You’re about to find out. To see and shop all the spring trends girls in New York are actually wearing this season, just keep scrolling.

Skirt Suiting

Skip the slacks, and swap in a skirt set this spring like the stylish ladies of the Big Apple.

Throwback Tanks

Yes, the ’90s-inspired simple white tank is having a major moment right now, and apparently it’s ideal for hanging out in the park in on sunny days.  

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The return of the wedge couldn’t be more ideal for walking around the city all day.

Tonal Dressing

Whether it’s beige, brown, or cream, head-to-toe neutrals are the easy and stylish way to get out the door quickly in the morning.

Bike Shorts

Summers in NYC are often too hot for leggings anyway, so it’s best to hop on the bike-shorts trend sooner than later.

Leather Separates

Warm weather–ready leathers are the sleek touch every NYC girl will be adding to her outfits this season.

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This one needs no introduction, as it’s not only trending in NYC, but everywhere else too.

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