The Summer Outfit Every NYC Girl Is Wearing



While New Yorkers have plenty of talents—deftly navigating the subway, eating pizza without burning the roofs of their mouths—it's in fashion where the city's residents truly shine. That's because NYC girls can take a trend we've seen everywhere and, with a simple tweak or two, make it all their own. In part, that's because a certain amount of practicality is required in NYC (see subway note above), but it's also because there's just something special about style in this city.

So how are New York residents tackling one of summer's biggest trends? While we've seen hero tops just about everywhere, the same exaggerated sleeves and ruffle details get a different twist here. Styled with relaxed jeans, these potentially fussy tops actually feel cool and dare we say it—relaxed. Below, we're highlighting exactly how New York girls are wearing this trend now, along with tops to help you get the NYC look too. Just add your favorite jeans and you're good to go.

Check it all out below!