This Is My 6th Year at Fashion Week—These Glasses Have Always Reigned Supreme

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Whether or not you have front-row seats at your favorite designers' runway shows, if you live in New York City, you've got easy access to all the glitz and glam of Fashion Week—just open your front door and hit the streets. The street style scene is chock-full of celebrity sightings, jaw-dropping looks, and photographers ready to give you your close-up, and according to NYC-based fashion editor Eliza Huber—whose fashion opinions I hold in the highest regard—no Fashion Week is complete without beautiful eyewear.

When the compliments come pouring in, Eliza has just two words: Vogue Eyewear. She's been sporting frames from this fashion brand all week and shows no signs of stopping. "I don't go anywhere without a pair of sunglasses all year (even in the winter), but they're especially necessary during Fashion Week, when you're often tired and in need of a chic solution," she says. I never let September pass without getting all the juicy details from my fellow editors about this iconic nine-day event, and this year, I've enlisted Eliza as my inside source. If you want to see how she gets through NYFW with style, functionality, and fun at the forefront of her mind, just keep scrolling.


(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

Having attended shows in the city and internationally for the past six years, Eliza is no stranger to the fast-paced environment and incomparable energy that fashion week brings. You may catch her hopping on the subway or running from show to presentation to preview to party, only stopping in between to check her inbox, write, or load up on caffeine. The grind doesn't stop, and neither do her chic ensembles. "I like to think that my style gets more personal and more developed with every season. I like to gradually upgrade my existing wardrobe with a few fresh seasonal items like a pair of statement sunglasses or a really impressive bag," she says. Emphasis on the statement glasses. According to Eliza, "Classics, some of which I've owned for years, dominate my closet, but they'd risk being boring if I didn't regularly add a touch of boldness." And these oversize maroon frames do just that. I mean, do you see this look?


(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

This season, Eliza attended some afternoon shows that led her right into the evening, so she needed an outfit that could seamlessly transition from day to night. "Hence the cotton skirt and dressier knit top," she says, "which I saw on the runway a few seasons ago and couldn't resist buying at a sample sale." She wanted to add a pop of color to balance out the look, and these cat-eye frames had the same retro feel to them that the rest of the outfit had. "The colors did exactly what I needed them to do, really closing the loop for the entire outfit," she says. "I think a lot of people believe that putting together an outfit for a big event is stressful because they want to do too much. Sometimes, I find that the best looks result from just a few well-placed accessories, a touch of color, and closet full of core pieces."


(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

During Fashion Week, Eliza often works on the go, which means staring at her phone a lot, so she appreciates a nice pair of eyeglasses that will help her get the job done without ruining her outfit. "I recently got a new pair of eyeglasses—red with thin, gold hardware—that make even the at-home aspects of Fashion Week feel chic," she tells me. Admittedly, she resisted eyeglasses for a long time, unaware that "they could be a great styling piece if you pick the right pair." In other words, don't sleep on the prescribed eyeglasses your optometrist is suggesting. "These are chic and go with all of my looks without any added work," she says. "Sometimes, I wear them even when I don't need them."


(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

When it comes to getting dressed, Eliza is all about styling her pieces for multiple occasions. "I love this outfit because I can wear it during Fashion Week, but I could also easily wear it to the office or a date night. It really checks every box," she says. This season, she's worn it to a handful of morning presentations since it feels a bit on the casual side. "I especially love how the neutral bodysuit and black skirt act as an elegant backdrop for my bright-red and gold glasses, which make me look sharp at all times," she says. She chose gold drop earrings to accentuate the gold hardware on the glasses, of course, a black-and-gold belt, and black kitten heels. Red is having a major moment this season, so these frames were an immediate yes. "It's my favorite color this year. The fact that the glasses are so lightweight is just a bonus. It's a look that feels very me but also special," she says. I couldn't agree more. It's all the proof I need to know that no look is complete without a trendy pair of glasses.


Aniyah Morinia
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